Sky Log Written Astrology Report – by Steven Forrest

Your planetary forecast for the year in a beautifully written report! This forecast is for a 1-year time-frame with the start date of your choosing.  You will receive a thorough interpretation of your upcoming transits and progressions as based upon Steven Forrest’s book The Changing Sky. 


The content is suitable for those without previous astrological knowledge, while at the same time is substantial enough for those with more advanced familiarity with astrology.


Purchase your report via PayPal below. I’ll then contact you via email to confirm your order and get your birth data. You will receive your report via email as a PDF document within 1-2 business days of your order. 

Cost: $35

Cycles of Wisdom Ecourse

Cycles of Wisdom is an ecourse and downloadable ebook I have co-created with my colleague Dr. Danielle Cornelius, DC. The focus is upon lunar and solar cycles and how these connect to the cycles within the female body and the archetypal phases of a woman’s life.


This e-book and interactive site includes four videos totaling about 100 minutes of audio & video presentation so that you can interact with this material in a multitude of ways. There are also accompanying printable handouts with beautifully designed graphics to help enhance your ability to engage and integrate this material into daily life.


Our grounded and practical approach will help you develop daily practices that support an ever-growing relationship between you, your body, and nature. Cost: $44



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