Private Astrology Mentorship with Dena DeCastro, M.A.

Like you, I have a passion for astrology. The roots run deep. Some of my earliest memories of reading anything are of reading astrology books. I practiced with friends’ and family charts in my teens and twenties. In 1998, I put out my professional shingle and began charging a fee for my readings.


About a year into my practice, insecurity crept in. I knew there were gaps in my astrological knowledge. I felt out of my depth sometimes when doing readings. The more I practiced, the more questions I had. And as hard as I looked, I couldn’t find all of my answers in books. I was painfully aware that astrology is a topic so vast that no one can ever "master" it. Still, I wanted to be more competent, and confident, than I was.

This insecurity, this deep questioning, is natural when you are striving to become better at what you do. This, as it turns out, is the perfect time to search out a mentor.

So, I found a local astrologer, a woman who had been practicing professionally about 25 years. She taught me techniques that I still use to this day. She answered my questions. And most importantly, she helped me to believe in myself.


A couple years later, I found another mentor in Steven Forrest. I had the opportunity to participate in his Apprenticeship Program. I found the energy of the group to be inspiring. His teachings are at the foundation of the way I practice astrology today.


Over the years, I've learned how to confidently present a chart to my clients. I’ve learned to translate the chart and its symbols into plain English, to weave a compelling story, and to use language that will be affirming, yet truthful. These are skills that come with practice. But the process of learning these skills can be accelerated immensely by working with a mentor.


Why Private Mentorship?


There are many ways to learn about astrology. You could read hundreds of books on the topic. You could listen to hours of mp3's and podcasts. You could attend astrology conferences throughout the U.S. and beyond. You could take classes at the local school for astrology. You could do internet research.


You get the idea.


Each of these paths will help you to develop your skills. You could follow any or all of them to which you feel called.


But ultimately, there is no substitute for working one on one with a mentor. A mentor astrologer can save you time, money, and effort by tailoring a curriculum to your specific goals.


That's where I come in. I can teach you the core skills you need in order to practice astrology competently and professionally.


Private Mentorship is for you if any of the below feels true:

  • You've got the basics down. You understand planets, signs, houses, aspects. But the thought of giving a reading to someone feels daunting.

  • You have practiced reading charts for friends and family. You've been interested in astrology for years. Now you find yourself wondering what it would take to become a professional astrologer.

  • You have a relatively new astrology practice. But you know there are “holes” in your astrological knowledge. Those holes are keeping you from feeling confident and secure.

  • You feel intimidated by more experienced astrologers. You want to expand your breadth of knowledge.

  • You want a structured way to learn astrology and take your skills to the next level.

  • You learn well when given direct instruction and guidance.

  • You want to work one-on-one with an experienced astrologer who is available to answer your questions.


Private Mentorship is NOT for you if:

  • You do not have at least three to five hours a week available to put into independent study: reading and putting our monthly lessons into practice.

  • You are satisfied with book learning and audio recordings for now.

  • You already feel confident and competent as a professional astrologer.

The Curriculum


This is a three month intensive, one-on-one program. We will focus on refining your technical skills, and at the same time, support you in developing the basic counseling skills required in order to deliver good readings. We will help you to connect to your unique voice and own your philosophy. We will do this via hands-on practice with charts and feedback from me. 

Topics we may cover:

  • The Natal Chart: Planets, signs, and houses; Aspects; Nodes

  • The Moving Chart: Transits, Progressions, and Solar Arcs

  • Story: Finding themes and patterns in the birth chart

  • From “Astrologese” to English: Translating the language of astrology so that your client can easily understand the information

  • Synthesis: Putting the pieces together in a natal or forecast reading

  • Connecting with the client: listening and developing rapport

  • Knowing and trusting your particular inner guidance system

  • Developing your philosophy

  • Making your approach clear to the client

  • Delivering difficult information in a way that the client can best receive it

  • Communication skills: phrasing, language to use and not to use, timing

I will create a curriculum designed especially for you. We won’t go over material you already know. We’ll only spend your valuable time on the things that are most important to you. And we can adapt or change as we go if you find you’d like to spend more or less time on a topic.


What you get

  • Three live one-hour Private Mentorship Sessions with me to be scheduled monthly and within a three month period (conducted via Zoom).

  • Recordings of all your live sessions emailed to you.

  • A copy of your full curriculum plan given to you at the beginning of the mentorship so that you know at the outset what will be covered.

  • Helpful exercises to be completed by you between sessions to provide you with a structure in which to practice the skills learned at each session.

  • Weekly Mentorship Group “office hours” for you to check in with me live with your questions. 

  • Weekly answers to any questions you have via email or audio file.

  • My additional handouts and recommended resources to ease the learning process.

What students are saying

I feel much more confident now that I understand how to break things down. I'm able to trust my gut instead of trying to memorize interpretations.

Sherrill Schmidt

Evanston, IL

I appreciated the ability to create my own curriculum and focus. I also appreciated the flexibility to change my mind mid-cycle and Dena's ability to go with the flow.

Aleka Thorvalson

Charleston, SC

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Interested? Let's get started!


This is a limited-enrollment program, meaning I am only able to take on a handful of clients per year. 

If you are interested:

1. Please fill out this application

2. Email me to set up a time for a free 30-minute phone consultation to see if this program is the right fit for you. 


This is your time to learn, and I want you to get the most value out of it that you can! If you have any questions, please contact me.

You can find out more about my qualifications and experience here.

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