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What can an astrology reading do for me?


An astrology reading can provide insight into your own nature and a better understanding of what things drive you and create a sense of fulfillment in your life. A reading can also clarify current life issues, and provide potential avenues for the resolution of those issues.


Does astrology predict the future?


The simple answer is “no.”  While I am able to see trends and themes coming down the road for you, I am not able to predict future events with any assured accuracy.  The future is always subject to change due to our action and free will, and therefore can not be predicted.  We can, however, see what the “weather report” is to know what the trends are, and therefore how to best prepare for those trends.


What will you need from me in order cast my chart and prepare for the session?


I will send you a questionnaire requiring your birth date, time, and place, as well as the answers to other questions that will help me best address your needs.


How should I prepare for our appointment?


Schedule the session during a time when you will be free of distractions.  Have a pen and paper handy to take notes.  You may also want to spend some time beforehand (perhaps the night previous) writing down the main things you’d like to know about.  You can let me know this within the questionnaire or at the beginning of the session.


What will happen in the session?


In the first few minutes, I will check in with you to make sure I’m clear on your questions or intention for the session, and I will allow time for you to ask any questions of me. I’ll then tell you what I see in the chart.  You may ask questions or dialogue with me at any point along the way.  I value dialogue as part of the reading process.  But it is also just fine to receive the reading in silence:  whichever you are most comfortable with.


Is the recording included in the reading?


I do record the reading but it is not part of the cost of your session. In other words, it is my free gift to you. If the recording does not work, this is not grounds for a refund. I recommend to all clients that you take notes, and if at all possible, provide your own backup recording alternative (such as an mp3 recorder). It is always possible that technical glitches with the recording can happen. However, the service you are purchasing is the reading itself, not the recording.


How often should I see you?


Sometimes a client will feel the need to schedule another follow-up appointment shortly after the first in order to clarify any questions or to more deeply explore material brought up in our first session.  Others will see me every few months, or once yearly, depending on what kind of service they desire. You may also want to schedule a session with me regarding timing of important decisions, such as a move of residence, wedding, or business launch. If you have questions about any of these ongoing ways of working with me, please reach out.


Can you look at my partner’s / child’s / family member’s chart during my reading with you, just to see what’s going on with them, too?


I’ve found that it’s best to keep the focus on one chart at a time during a reading. If it’s your reading, we’ll be going deep into your chart. I want to give you the time and focus necessary. Additionally, I am not ethically comfortable with reading a third party’s chart without their permission or presence in the reading.


Do you do Couples’ Readings?


I’m not offering Couples’ Readings at this time. I am happy to refer you to another skilled astrologer in the Portland area if you’d like.


Why do I have to pay at the time of booking?


There is a significant amount of preparation required for each reading, and much of it is done in the days or weeks beforehand. As soon as we start the email process and I read your intake questionnaire, I am working on your session. This policy also discourages last-minute cancellations. If you are unsure about scheduling a reading, I would prefer that you wait until you’re ready.


That said, I absolutely understand that there are illnesses and emergencies in life. Your payment is 100% refundable if you cancel due to illness or emergency, OR if you cancel at least 2 days ahead of time for any reason. And, if I need to cancel our reading for illness or emergency reasons, I will give you the option of a refund and/or reschedule you as soon as possible.


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