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Soul Purpose and Karmic Patterns

(75 minutes - $244)


In this in-depth interpretation of your birth chart, I offer you a path to understanding your soul's purpose. We will cover:


  • Soul Purpose: What your soul incarnated to learn and to experience

  • Karmic patterns: your soul's history, and the baggage you are here to release

  • Navigating the challenges: how to work with challenging chart placements

  • Maximizing the gifts: how to consciously tap into your innate talents and skills

This is the best choice for a first-time reading with me.


Forecast: The Year Ahead

(60 mins) - $197


This is a full astrological forecast of your year ahead. I don’t predict the future or tell fortunes. Instead, I will empower you with the knowledge to act in the flow of divine timing. This reading will help you to become aware of the current energies at play so that you can align your actions in harmony with them.


You will also gain practical strategies for navigating challenging periods and for taking advantage of  opportunity periods.


This is an ideal reading to choose as an annual check-in after you have had a “Soul Purpose” reading with me, or if you have already had a natal chart reading done elsewhere. 


I also offer Couples' Readings for previous clients. Please contact me to find out more about this service.


I've been working with Dena for over 7 years. Her knowledge of astrology is amazing. I like the psychological spin Dena uses during her readings, making it relate-able to my own experiences. Dena also cares for her clients and is very compassionate. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to gain insight and knowledge into their life. Thank you, Dena, for all the hard work you do!

Sean C.

Thousand Oaks, CA

You really gave me clarity around my struggle with my job. I was not happy and I knew I needed a major jolt. You gave me a few really great possible paths I could go down. And you presented it in such a kind way - never forcing any hand - but rather helping me hone my personal compass. I felt like the things you said about my past life really helped me to see why I struggle with certain things. And rather than just circling on the sensation - you gave me the how, why, and other tools to help reign it in and shape it in a more positive way.

Madeline Byers

Portland, OR

Dena has an amazing gift and abundant knowledge! Each of my sessions were detailed and clearly presented. I am so appreciative of her integration of birth chart astrology, past lives, and Spiritual Mentoring. The insights from my initial readings and mentoring sessions have allowed me to more fully follow my heart in all of life's decisions. And, my experiences with Dena have transformed my view of the remarkable intricacies of individuality as defined by our natal chart.

Alissa Kipp, LMT

Portland, OR

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