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Updated: Apr 22, 2019

We are currently in a Saturnian time. As I write this, Saturn is slowing down to make a retrograde station (exact on April 29th). In the days leading up to and away from a planet's station (either retrograde or direct), we feel the archetype of that planet more strongly. Let’s add that as it makes its station, it is in its own sign of Capricorn, magnifying its energy further. Saturn is the "reality check" planet. Between now and about mid-May, we are asked to assess obstacles, set boundaries, and be aware of our limits.

Limits is not a fun word. Who likes to hear that there are limits?

But an awareness of our limits serves us. It is Saturn's job to remind us that we have a finite amount of time and energy available, for example. If we forget this truth, we over-extend ourselves. We try to take on too much. We are overwhelmed, unable to accomplish what we want.

Saturn energy gives us the clarity to prioritize, and then to protect, what is truly important to us. We can set boundaries around the use of our energy, time and talents. In doing so, we are more able to craft a life that is in alignment with our soul’s calling.

Saturn is making its energy felt for the collective right now. But Saturn is always somewhere in your natal chart too, transiting through a house. Saturn may or may not also be making an aspect to one of your natal planets. The house and any planets aspected reveal the nature of the area of life being most affected by Saturn’s themes.

Saturn transits are testing periods, full of challenges and obstacles. I will not soften that. However, I have come to know Saturn’s gifts as well as its limitations.

So, when a client comes to me in fear of that looming Saturn transit, I have some strategies to offer them.

Here are my recommendations for working with Saturn:

Take Responsibility (for what is yours)

Is there a responsibility that you’ve been avoiding? If you know what this is about, it’s time to face it head on. And if you don’t know, Saturn will soon make it clear to you. The angst of running will soon become more painful than the work of taking it on. Caveat: Be sure to take on only your true responsibilities. This may mean saying “no” to the demands of others who want you to take on their stuff.

Work Hard

This is undeniably a time of work. And as in the above, the pain of avoidance and procrastination will become unbearable during a Saturn time. Better to roll up your sleeves and do it. You will feel fulfilled and satisfied if you are working on the things that are at the top of your priority list.

Caveat: Be sure that the work is meaningful. Slogging away at something unfulfilling will become extra draining during a Saturn time. If you find yourself doing this, it’s time to:

Make a Decision

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about an important life decision. Is it time to leave one job and find another? Is it time to work on a relationship, or end it? Is it time to move to a different locale that is more supportive to your goals? It’s time to get off the fence, take the leap, and choose a path.

Caveat: When in doubt, choose with the future in mind--which sometimes means delaying gratification.

Set Boundaries

Say “no” to the demands of others when they are outside the scope of your priorities and responsibilities. Say “no” to distractions. Say “no” to the siren song of social approval. Say “no” to anything that takes you away from the meaningful work you are being called to do at this time.

Caveat: You can say “yes” to the Right Things. The things that take you toward that life you envision for yourself down the road. The things that take you closer to what is really important to you. Saying “yes” is also to:


Saturn wants us to make vows. During a Saturn time, we may be called to commit to a relationship. Or we may be invited to go deeper into our vocation or career. It is time to make our intentions into something solid, something visible. We must first state to ourselves--and then, publicly--what we stand for. It is time to claim a role, identity, or title.

Caveat: Be discerning with your commitments. Vows are not easily undone. Use discernment and move slowly when making them.

Be Patient

Under Saturn’s energy, we may find ourselves chafing against obstacles. We get frustrated by the things that slow us down. But some obstacles are timely, serving a purpose. They show us where we need to develop patience. Saturn times show us that a harvest does not happen overnight. The best things in life develop over time. Be willing to work, to wait, and to know that the harvest will come.

Caveat: Use your discernment also to detect when repeated obstacles are showing you that you need to go a different direction entirely. Maybe it is a “no” to one path that helps you to choose “yes” to a better one.

And all of these recommendations can be boiled down to:

Claim your Authority

Saturn is The Boss Planet. By integrating Saturn, we can become The Boss of our own lives. It is not a time to let others decide for you, nor to let the winds of fate blow as they may. Instead, we must put on our big-person-pants, make the tough choices, say “no” to what’s in our way, and say “yes” to what is truly ours to do in this world. And in stepping up, we find freedom and relief.

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