From Leo to Virgo

The inner planets and the Sun have been dancing through fire sign Leo for the past few weeks. Now, in domino-like fashion, they are all spilling into Virgo within a relatively short amount of time (see dates at bottom of post).

From August 11th until last Friday the 16th, we had the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Leo. This fiery lineup will fully shift to the rational, practical vibe of Virgo on August 29th, when Mercury enters that sign. Then the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will reside together in Virgo through the first half of September.

It’s not unusual for inner planets Mercury and Venus to stick close together. In fact, it’s impossible for them to get very far from each other, or from the Sun, because they are inside of Earth’s orbit. This means that they are usually at most one sign apart, or within the same sign. In contrast, Mars could be anywhere in relation to the other planets. Its presence now adds emphasis to the current energies at play.

So what is the message written in the sky by this high concentration of planets in Leo, then Virgo?

The signs on the Zodiac Wheel flow thematically one into the next. This is the wisdom of the Zodiac: once we have integrated the lessons of one sign, we are equipped to take on those of the following sign.

And, the signs that are next to each other are always dissimilar. Leo and Virgo are no exception. Leo is about celebrating ourselves, connecting to our inner child, and creating from our hearts. Virgo is about honing our skills, embracing discipline, and being of use in the world.

We can easily see the stark difference between these signs. But in fact, Leo and Virgo are interdependent. Virgo springs from Leo, while Leo energy becomes manifest through Virgoan efforts.

Admittedly, Virgo could appear to be the party-pooper on the heels of Leo’s celebratory thrust. But both energies are of equal value. Each has their shadow possibilities, and their light.

As an example of how to use Leo energy, I’ll use creative writing as a metaphor. (I’m a fiction writer.) If I’m writing my first draft, I tap into my inner Leo. As author Neil Gaiman said:

“One way you get through the wall is by convincing yourself that it doesn’t matter. No one is ever going to see your first draft. Nobody cares about your first draft.”

If we worry too much about getting it right, we’ll never create in the first place. But at some point, we need to refine our offerings so that they can be use to the world. This is where Virgo comes in. When I’m editing my first, second, and third drafts (and beyond), I tap into Virgo. I ask:

-Does this work? (meaning, does what I have created actually function well)

-Does each part serve the bigger whole?

-Is it the best that I can do?

-If I could make it better, how?

Looking back at the past few weeks in Leo-time, you may have been called to take risks and put yourself, or your creations, out into the world. It has been time to share, without caring too much about the outcome. It has been time to reconnect with what brings you joy in its making.

Now, we’re invited to tap into Virgo. It’s time to up the ante, putting real effort toward getting better at our chosen craft.

It is helpful now to say a prayer of thanks to the often maligned sign of Virgo. While Leo gives us the desire to share from our hearts in the first place, it is Virgo energy that helps us to make our childlike dreams into something tangible.

At this pivot point between Leo and Virgo, here are some questions for reflection:

-What heart-centered project am I ready to devote more time to?

-What skills do I need to hone in order to share my talents with confidence?

-Where can I schedule in the time for practice and learning?

-How can I be of service while doing the thing(s) that bring me joy?

Leo Times

Sun in Leo - 7/22 - 8/23

Mercury in Leo - 8/11 - 8/29

Venus (was) in Leo - 7/27 - 8/21

Mars (was) in Leo - 7/1 - 8/17

Virgo Times

Sun in Virgo - 8/23 - 9/23

Mercury in Virgo - 8/29 - 9/14

Venus in Virgo - 8/21 - 9/14

Mars in Virgo - 8/17 - 10/3

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