Don't freak out, it's only Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Mercury stations retrograde: July 7, 2019 at 4° Leo

Mercury stations direct: July 31, 2019 at 23° Cancer

When I share with you about the current astrology, my underlying intention is always the same:

To offer you useful, practical strategies for aligning with the energies at play.

I want to help you work with the flow rather than against it.

The energies at play could be any of the following: planetary transits, Mercury Retrograde, eclipses, new and full moons. These energies wax and wane, begin and end, come and go, overlap. So another goal I have is to inform you about timing.

I want to help you choose wisely how you are going to navigate the time we are in, whether it be a challenging period or one of opportunity.

However, when Mercury Retrograde happens, there is a ton of astrological information out there that would lead you to believe that you're an inevitable victim to the Nasty Trickster planet.

It’s sometimes tough for me to cut through the noise of this doom-and-gloom forecasting.

But I can boil down my Mercury Retrograde message to one soundbite that I would repeat every time. It is: Don’t freak out.

Mercury Retrograde is a time to slow down, reflect, and receive. It’s a time to observe and to listen to the messages that life is giving you.

Watch for synchronicities, signs, and omens.

It is NOT a time to crack the whip on yourself, start a new project, or rush into a new commitment.

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde takes place in the signs of Leo and Cancer.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo (July 7th – 19th) invites us to reconsider our relationship to play and creativity. What does fun mean for you now, as different from the past? Explore new avenues of creativity. It is also time to focus on re-creation--all those activities that rejuvenate us. If you’ve been feeling your mojo lagging, this is the time to refill and replenish.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (July 20th – 31st) invites us to reconsider the meaning of our closest relationships. What does family mean to you? It’s a good time to reconnect with those who are closest to your heart, blood kin or no. The old “family stories” are also up for review. Who were you in the family dynamic? How is your old role in the story ready to change?

And remember, how you choose to frame Mercury Retrograde will be a powerful factor in how you experience it. If you greet it with an “Oh, No!”--well, you are more likely to see reasons to keep exclaiming that phrase. Instead, I recommend adopting the attitude: “Mercury, show me what I need to learn right now.” Then endeavor to keep an open mind.

This spirit of humility seems to be something that Mercury, the trickster god, appreciates.

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