Your Story of 2015: The Power of Reflection

This week, the lunar phase is supporting the shift from old to new. We are currently in the waning part of the lunar cycle, with a Waning Half Moon occurring on New Year’s Day. This lunar phase is about acknowledging endings, winding down the cycle, and preparing to let go.

Under the Virgo Moon of the past couple days, I’ve been tying up loose ends and reflecting on the year gone by. When I was meditating this morning, it popped into my head that I ought to start my new journal for 2016 with an entry reflecting on the year behind. I saw myself jotting down the highlights and the most important events for me. I opened my new journal, and entitled my first entry: “My Story of 2015.” At the top, I also jotted down all the astrological events that were affecting me this year. Then I wrote down the bullet points for this year’s story as each one came to me.

For me, this exercise was part astrological research, part writing exercise, and part spiritual practice. As I looked back over my highlights of the year, I was surprised at the things I’d done which I’d forgotten about. I was proud of the things I had accomplished. I was also disappointed with myself regarding some good habits I’d started the year with but that I’d left by the wayside. I noted the astrological transits, progressions, and solar arcs that were playing out in my life quite visibly.

Overall, it was good information for me to consider at year’s end: What did I struggle with this year? What am I disappointed about? What am I proud of? Answering these questions is helping me to more consciously create what I want in 2016.

I encourage you to do your own “Story of 2015.” You could do this any time over the next few

days, but it's particularly powerful if done before the New Moon on January 9th. If writing isn’t your thing, you could always record an audio file or a short video documentation of your year. Just list the things that most stand out for you. It can be helpful to refer back to your previous journal entries and your calendar, but it’s not necessary. The exercise seems to work best if you focus on those things that stand out readily without needing to dig for them too much.

If you know a bit about astrology, or if you had a Year Ahead Reading (Divine Timing) with me this past year, you would also benefit from considering how astrology played out in your life.

At the end, I came up with a word that encapsulates my year. If you were to title your 2015 with one word or a short phrase, what would it be?

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