Venus Retrograde in Gemini 2020

Venus is stationing retrograde in Gemini on May 12th and remains retrograde in that sign until June 24th.

Retrogrades, in and of themselves, are not inherently negative. But we will experience challenges regarding the nature of the retrograde planet--in this case, Venus. These challenges make us uncomfortable enough so that we might confront the issues that are holding us back. We can use retrograde periods to step back and reconsider, review, and reconnect.

We primarily think of Venus as the planet of love and romance (as it rules Libra and the 7th House of partnership). But the Venus archetype is so much more than that. The Venus placement within our birth chart does indicate the nature of our basic relationship needs. Venus also points to how we can calm ourselves and how we can experience pleasure.

This Venus retrograde is a time in which we can reconsider our core values. It is time to review the lessons we have learned in relationships, particularly over the past eight years (one Venus cycle). And it is time to reconnect with ourselves regarding what truly brings us pleasure and peace.

How do we do these things? By working with Gemini energy.

With Venus retro in Gemini, it’s time to look at our significant relationships with fresh eyes. At its best, Gemini holds the ability to keep a beginner’s mind. Gemini is about staying curious, even when there is pressure to have all the answers. Even when we might think we already know all the answers.

This is a time where we will be forced to question our assumptions about our partners and friends. We certainly think we know these people. So we can get complacent, especially in long-held relationships. It is human nature to “tune out” at times, and to think we know exactly what the other person will do or say. Now is a time to work against that tendency and to truly listen.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the following phenomenon with a loved one: they are telling you a story that they’ve told you before. We all tend to think we don’t repeat ourselves, but I think all of us do it, to some degree. We are especially alert to it in a partner or friend, though. Our inclination might be to let it slide, nod politely, and wait for them to finish the story we have already heard--all the while not listening. Or, we might even get frustrated and say: “Yeah, I’ve heard this one,” which usually shuts the other person down. How we can respond differently in this time is to trust that there might be a reason that your loved one keeps telling you this story. Ask a question or two about it to clarify. Get curious. You might be surprised at what that “old” story reveals about your partner or friend in the present. It is possible to learn something new about them, if we make the effort.

Gemini is also the sign of communication--specifically, verbal communication. So we must use our words (Gemini) to express our needs in relationship (Venus). Some of these needs will be new, some rediscovered (retrograde energy). Some of these needs will bear repeating if our partner/friend doesn’t seem to hear us. So while we are working on our listening skills, it’s also time to work on our speaking skills.

Note that at the tail end of the Venus Retrograde, we will have Mercury Retrograde starting up, and from June 17th - 24th, these two retrogrades will overlap. So the theme of “communication issues” in relationships will be very prominent throughout the Venus retro period, but especially so during mid-late June. If you already have a beat on some ongoing communication problems or misunderstandings in your closest relationships, it is likely that these will come to a peak during that time.

Is this bad news? It doesn’t have to be. We can use this Venus Retrograde as an opportunity to finally get clear on some things that have been niggling at us, eroding our connection to our friends/partners, for some time.

Finally, Venus retrograde in Gemini can help us to reconnect to old interests or hobbies that have gone by the wayside. Things that bring us relaxation and even joy. This is one of the more pleasant byproducts of this time. Try re-watching an old favorite movie, or even re-reading a book you love. Reconnecting to these “lost loves” of old interests and fascinations can help us to find more pleasure in our daily lives. And we could certainly all use more of that right now.

Questions for contemplation:

-How can I be a better listener in my most important relationships?

-How can I communicate more clearly to my friends or partner about my needs?

-Is there something I need to learn about communication in relationships that would be helpful to me right now? (A book I should read? A course I could take? Counseling I should undertake, alone or with my partner?)

-What interest or hobby from my past do I most want to revisit right now?

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