Venus joins the Sun

Venus makes its inferior conjunction to the Sun at 5 degrees Aries in the wee hours of Saturday the 25th (exact at 3:17 AM). Venus is about halfway through its retrograde as it makes its inferior conjunction; from Earth's perspective, it appears to dive into the heart of the Sun . This marks the beginning of a new Venus cycle (584 days between inferior conjunctions, and 8 years between complete cycles through the zodiac). It also marks the transition of Venus from its evening star to morning star status. Venus, planet of relationships and creativity (its Libra face) and finances and values (its Taurus face) is asking us to consider these areas of our life anew. Reflect on your basic needs in relationships, your creative outlets, and your financial situation. What is working for you? What would you like to change? Now is a time to observe and set intentions. Actions can be fruitfully undertaken in mid-late May.

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