The Saturn Uranus Trine of 2017

The year ahead features three major aspects involving Saturn. I wrote about the Saturn-Chiron Square in my last post. Under potent planetary squares (such as last year's Saturn-Neptune Square and the fading Uranus-Pluto square), we collectively experience challenges and even crises. These trials are not meant to punish us, although it can often feel punishing to undergo a difficult Saturn transit. Instead, Saturn square transits push us to confront obstacles that we would normally avoid, testing our mettle. Saturn transits can help us develop a sense of inner authority, allowing us to feel accomplishment if we can overcome the obstacles presented. Think of Saturn as the firm parent who kicks its offspring out of the nest. We can recognize that, while it is unpleasant to be pushed to grow, it is usually necessary. But Saturn is also making two flowing aspects throughout most of this year. Saturn makes a trine to Uranus, and a sextile to Jupiter (see exact dates at the bottom of this post). Trines and sextiles are windows of opportunity. Saturn's flowing contacts this year provide a counterpoint to the square to Chiron, and open up a time in which we can more easily access Saturn's gifts. The Saturn-Uranus Trine

Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries, both in fire signs. The Fire element embodies action, spontenaety, impulsivity, and creativity. While Saturn is about discipline, structure, and commitment, Uranus is about revolution, breakthroughs, and innovation. These planets contrast each other thematically, but they are working in harmony this year. The fire element emboldens Uranus' inherent qualities, while Saturn in a fire sign must express itself outside of its comfort zone. But these two planets working together can bring about the opportunity for a sustained (Saturn) revolution (Uranus). Movements begun under this signature are more likely to be enduring.

We have already seen the embodiment of this energy in the great success of the protests and Women's Marches around the world on January 20th-21st. Saturn offered stability, structure, and grounding energy while Uranus in Aries continues to supply the spirit of revolution. The movement used technology (Uranus) in a positive way to spread the word and to help groups of women to more easily coordinate for the event. The fire element of both planets ignites the need to take action. This is a fertile time in which grass roots movements can easily take root and eventually bear fruit.

In our individual lives, we can more easily make changes within our careers. Uranus opens the door to incorporating new approaches to our work, so that we can align the structure with what our authentic Self is calling us to do.

Under the Saturn-Uranus Trine, 2017 is an opportunity period within which we can (personally and collectively): -Find inventive approaches to old problems -Reform the basic structures of our lives -Use technology in service of making practical improvements -Bring form and structure to revolutionary ideas

-Have the courage to try new things and experiment The Jupiter-Saturn Sextile

Fueling the energy of the Saturn-Uranus Trine is Jupiter's sextile to Saturn from Libra. Jupiter is about the need to expand into new areas, and offers a dose of good luck toward our endeavors. Wherever we find Jupiter, we are being given a nudge to think bigger. For most of this year Jupiter occupies Libra, sign of the scales. Libra is about finding peace, balance, and fairness. Jupiter in Libra (through October 10, 2017) is magnifying our awareness of what is and is not fair, and what needs to be balanced. On a personal level, we can find peace by embracing meaningful work (Saturn in Sagittarius). Jupiter brings in the opportunity to connect to that work. Collectively, we can make real progress if we apply our effort (Saturn) toward causes which increase fairness and equality (Jupiter in Libra). Jupiter's sextile to Saturn can help us to: -Make progress toward clearly identified goals -Have faith in the ability to make an impact -Find peace in the process of doing the physical-level work It's important to realize that trines and sextiles are not automatically "good" nor are squares "bad." The energy of flowing aspects are pure potential and opportunity. But these energies will not force themselves on us; we have to choose to use them to our advantage. It could be dangerously easy to let the gifts of these transits slip through our fingers. While perhaps the square aspect (Saturn-Chiron) sounds more unpleasant, the upside of the square is that we must deal with the energies at play -- and therefore growth, and change, will happen. We are forced out of complacency and stagnation. But the Saturn/Uranus/Jupiter connection puts a series of question marks in front of us:

-What would you consider to be a meaningful way to use your time, effort, and passion this year?

-How do you want to impact the world around you?

-What changes do you desire to make in your work or career?

-What action steps do you need to take to get there?

Consider what gets you "fired up," and begin to fan the flame. Note: Jupiter is making an opposition to Uranus through much of 2017, and I will cover that topic in the next post.


Saturn-Uranus Trine: This aspect is in influence all of 2017. Exact: Dec 24 2016, May 19, Nov 11.

Jupiter-Saturn Sextile:

This aspect is in influence through the end of September 2017. Closest ranges: Within 2 degrees at station, Feb 5; exact Aug 27.

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