The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition of 2017: Tempering the Fire

One of the major planetary patterns of 2017 is the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. This aspect began December 2016 and is in play for about 10 months total (see exact dates at end of this post). Jupiter is about optimism, adventure, and improvement. Uranus is about revolution, breakthroughs, and innovation. The two planets are occupying the Aries-Libra polarity (opposite signs). Planets in opposition point to the need to balance the qualities of the planets and signs involved. There is an opportunity here for the complementary positive qualities of the Aries/Libra polarity to emerge:

Aries: Bold, Passionate, Assertive, Courageous

Libra: Calm, Reasonable, Equitable, Unbiased

You can see from this list that when in balance, Aries and Libra can work well together. They can each help to prevent the shadow expression of the other from taking over. Aries kicks Libra out of potential complacency. Meanwhile, Libra tempers Aries’ impulsiveness and anger with rationality. “Temper” is an apropos word choice as well as a fun word-play. On the one hand, temper as a noun is what someone has when they are angry (Mars/Aries). However, to temper, in verb form, is to stabilize or soften that which is hot, molten, and volatile. Libra and Aries are powerful allies: together they create, shape, and stabilize matter.

But throughout the next couple of weeks, faster-moving Mars in Aries is triggering this long-term aspect. We will likely feel a spike in the Aries energy present within this pattern. This will tip the balance toward the possibility for anger and violence. It will be very important for each of us to consciously touch in with the balance point of Jupiter in Libra and work to temper volatility. It will be tempting to engage in pointless conflict, frittering away our energy in battles that can never be won (Hello, social media!) We must work to remain centered, balanced, and fair in our interactions with others during these next couple weeks.

However, in the longer view of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, there are gifts available to us as well.

On the collective level, the high potential here is that we could make improvements (Jupiter) that derive from genius inspiration (Uranus) and would benefit humanity. This could take the form of breakthroughs in response to climate change, such as: technological developments, new inventions, and previous inventions being taken to the next level. Uranus in Aries indicates a drive to take bold action and to set things into motion. Jupiter in Libra balances the Aries impulsiveness, allowing for consideration of pros and cons. The presence of Libra brings forth an intellectual, level-headed approach which complements the spontaneity of Aries.

On the political stage, there is likely to be (even more) surprises and upsets. With Mars in Aries (along with Uranus in Aries) triggering this aspect over the next two weeks, anger, passion, and frustration abound. As I write this, the president has announced that he will roll out a new immigration executive order next week. I think most of us have a sense of how well-received that will be. We are likely to see the protest movements (Uranus in Aries) grow and expand (Jupiter). The good news is that progress can be made toward the ideals of social justice, fairness, and equality (Jupiter in Libra) by taking bold action (Uranus in Aries).

On an individual level, we can channel this energy positively by creating a balance between time for action and time for peace. We need to be alert to the tendency to either go into overdrive with our activism and Facebook arguments, or on the other hand, the tendency to curl up into an apathetic ball and check out. Balance is the key. Find one or two things you are most passionate about, and focus on these. Fight for the things that are important to you, and work to rectify the inequalities that upset you most. But also take time for rest and contemplation so you can stay in touch with why you fight at all.

As for me, I’ve been tuned into one cause that has me fired up. I’ve taken action steps, called and written my senators and representatives, and have tried to create awareness via my main social media outlet, Twitter. (Our Oregon Senators are on top of it.) For this and other issues, I’ll continue to do these things. But I also know that if I stay up too late reading about all the upsetting things in the news, I begin to shut down and turn into a puddle of goo, and I don’t sleep well. So, I am learning to balance my action with rest. I’m learning to spend less time watching the news and social media, and more time engaging with the things in my ordinary life that I enjoy. I trust that I’ll then have the energy to take the next step when I’ve filled myself back up.

Overall, we will likely see accelerated change in the world around us as Jupiter and Uranus dance together through October. Whether that change is “good” or “bad” is relative to the eye of the beholder. Jupiter magnifies what it touches, and Uranus upsets the status quo. Like the rest of the planets, Uranus and Jupiter have a range of expression. How we experience their combined energy depends upon where we stand in relation to the status quo being upturned.

The Jupiter Uranus Opposition in summary

The shadow expression:

Technology overwhelm, over-ambitious and under-planned revolutions, disruptive political events, focus on “the next thing” instead of appreciating the present (attention deficit)

The optimal expression:

Breakthroughs in technology, using technology in the service of meaning-making, revolutions that serve the greater good

Dates: In influence Dec 2016 - Oct 2017. Exact: Dec 26 2016, March 2, Sep 27.

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