The July 8th Full Moon and the Jupiter-Pluto Square

This weekend’s Full Moon is particularly potent, as it strongly connects to three planets: Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter. It is also tying in to a larger ongoing planetary pattern: the Jupiter-Pluto square. The Full Moon is exact at 9:06 PM on Saturday the 8th in Capricorn, with its orb of influence a couple days before and after that date. At the time of the Full Moon, Mars is conjunct the Sun/opposing the Moon, Pluto is conjunct the Moon/opposing the Sun, and Jupiter squares both Sun and Moon.

Let’s start with Mars and Pluto. They have been opposing each other for a period of about 2 weeks (since June 23rd) and will continue to do so through July 11th. Saturday’s Full Moon, however, puts this opposition in the spotlight, as it lands literally on top of the Sun and Moon at that time. Oppositions point to the need to bring two things into balance. We have Mars in Cancer urging us toward protection (of both self and others) and self-care. Mars conjunct the Sun in Cancer invites us to take action to secure our own sense of emotional and physical well-being. Pluto in Capricorn brings forward our fears, and confronts us with the cold, hard facts.

Pluto in Capricorn starkly reveals what is ready to "die" in our lives so that we can participate – or not – in its dismantling. Then, we must create something new. Pluto and Mars here can work in harmony if we not only recognize what isn’t working (Pluto), but also take action (Mars) toward nurturing the new reality we want to create.

In order to navigate this time with more ease, it will good to allow time for solitude and contemplation, if possible. At the very least, we should be selective with the company we keep. The harsher possibility of these energies is that Pluto shows us the good/bad/ugly truth of things, and the Mars emphasis brings our anger closer to the surface. We can become highly aware of everything that’s not working in our lives, and then we might get really stewed about it. But while this can be a serious bummer, sometimes discomfort is a necessary motivator.

Fortunately, there is a dose of Jupiter in the mix, as the Full Moon is squared by this planet. Jupiter is about optimism, adventure, and finding meaning. Jupiter’s presence offers the opportunity to face normally insurmountable fears and to heal our oldest wounds as we do so. The Full Moon triggers the Jupiter-Pluto square, an ongoing aspect which began in November 2016 and is building to its next (and final) exact square on August 4th. It will be particularly strong through July and August. The Full Moon will bring to light both the shadow and the positive expression of Jupiter-Pluto: The Shadow Expression Dwelling on our fears, only seeing the negative, cynicism, over-asserting one’s power, narcissism

The Optimal Expression Overcoming fears, opportunity to heal wounds, deep psychological insight, asserting power to help others

Jupiter’s sign placement in the sign Libra also offers the opportunity to improve our relationships with partners, family members, and friends. We might need to be the one to take action (Mars) and recognize our own part in the matter (Pluto). Jupiter energy can help us to forgive others – and ourselves. We are also emboldened to take a step toward bringing any unhealthy situations into more balance. But first, we have to use Pluto medicine and be willing to confront the old emotional patterns (Moon-Pluto Capricorn) that are continuing to hold us back.

This is a powerful time to take action upon the awareness that we have, and to do our best to take responsibility for the way our lives currently look: our work, our relationships, our family situations. The good news is that we can choose how to respond. We can muster courage and use this time to gain insight into our deepest motivations. Jupiter squaring Sun, Moon, Pluto, and Mars encourages us to explore uncomfortable territory. This exploration allows us to identify what baggage we wish to release over the following two weeks of the waning Moon.

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