The Astrology of 2019

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

As the year begins, it’s a great time to tap into the wisdom of astrology. When we know the movements of the planets, we can more easily aligning with the energies at play.

Below is a brief overview of the major planetary events within 2019. For each of these, I’ve offered suggestions as to how to make the most of these energies as well as how to deal with the potential challenges. I’ll dig into each of these events in more detail as they unfold throughout the year.

If you are looking for the lunations (New and Full Moons, Eclipses), I’ll be posting those at my social media feeds regularly rather than including them here.

And as always, the planets are affecting you, specifically, as they move through your birth chart. For more on the Astrology of 2019 and you, please schedule a Year-Ahead Reading with me.

Jupiter Square Neptune

The exact peaks are mid-January, June, and September. This aspect is in range a couple months either side of the peaks, so Jupiter squares Neptune for the majority of 2019.

Jupiter says: “Think big. Push beyond limits. Believe in yourself.”

Neptune says: “Use your imagination. Open to the transcendent. Play with reality.”

Jupiter in Sagittarius emboldens us to take risks, to go where we not have gone before. Neptune in Pisces invites us to open to the world beyond the five senses. Under this aspect, we are invited to explore (Jupiter) the invisible world (Neptune). The magical and mysterious are more available to us now. It’s time to question our assumptions and beliefs about how It All Works.

Through the square, Jupiter magnifies the Neptunian and Piscean qualities of empathy, compassion, and surrender. We find ourselves more able to feel what others are feeling, and to tap into empathy.

But also magnified are Neptune in Pisces’ shadow attributes: self-deception and confusion. Neptune and Jupiter may egg each other on, puffing up our illusions.

This aspect is a tricky balancing act. We must somehow open to the mystery while staying connected to reality. We will be challenged to find our true center within the topsy turvy nature of the world around us.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8, 2018 and remains there for just over a year, entering Capricorn on December 2, 2019.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and the themes of the planet and the sign will therefore overlap and magnify each other.

Jupiter is the planet of aspiration. It is the drive to take a leap of faith, to explore new territory, and to take risks. But Jupiter in Sagittarius is supportive of these risks: luck and opportunity abound with heightened Jupiter at play. Sagittarius aims to find meaning, get the big picture, and broaden our horizons. With Jupiter in Sagittarius in the spotlight, we are invited test the boundaries of our perceived limitations.

We will also experience the shadow of these heightened archetypal fields playing out. The shadow path of Jupiter and Sagittarius is over-doing: over-estimating ourselves, over-indulging, and even over-working. Being overly-confident, while failing to check in with reality, can get us into trouble. This possibility is further enhanced by the previous Jupiter-Neptune square mentioned previously. But being aware of these pitfalls is the first step toward avoiding them.

If you are not a naturally confident person, or if you often suffer anxiety, tap into Jupiter in Sagittarius' "fake it 'till you make it" approach. Trust that this year, the winds of luck will more often be available. And most importantly, believe in yourself.

The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Begins

Saturn and Pluto are within range of a conjunction in Capricorn all year (using a 10-degree orb).

Saturn and Pluto are winding down a 30-plus cycle in 2019 as they prepare to come together for the first exact conjunction in January of 2020. This is the equivalent of the "Balsamic" Moon phase of the cycle between these two planets. The Balsamic phase is about endings and clearing the way for the new.

Old structures are ready to die, and new ones are coming--but not yet. This is a liminal time. We must sit in the dark and await a new reality that is as yet unformed.

Saturn is about facing reality, and Pluto is about confronting our shadow. So when these two planets come together, it is a serious time indeed. We will be unable to avoid the fact that some things in our lives are no longer working, are worn out, are ready to pass. As this happens, our fears will likely come up. But it behooves us to face them down rather than to run.

While Saturn-Pluto does not sound like the making of a fun 2019, there are things we can do to work with the flow of this transit rather than against it. We can intentionally wrap up loose ends in situations that we would like to bring to a close by 2020. We can take responsibility for those things that are ours to care for. And we can choose to face the fears that block us from offering what we'd like to in the world.

Chiron Re-enters Aries

Chiron entered Aries in 2018 for a few months (April through September) and will re-enter the sign on February 18, 2019 where it will remain through June of 2026.

Chiron is about our wounds and insecurities that often stem from childhood events and traumas. Aries is a sign of self-focus, desire, and passion. When we are honest with ourselves about what we really want, we can heal old wounds.

Aries is also about the expression of anger. Anger helps us to know when our boundaries have been crossed. Chiron’s presence in Aries is offering us a path to healing through the expression of anger. Anger helps us to defend ourselves in situations where we might feel drained, depleted, or taken advantage of. But we must channel this energy in ways that do not do damage or harm to others.

In bringing our anger to consciousness, we are able to use the energy of Chiron in Aries to prevent such damage. When we allow ourselves to express it safely, we can heal from years of suppressing it.

Uranus Re-enters Taurus

Uranus dipped into Taurus in 2018 (May through November) and will re-enter the sign on March 6, 2019, remaining there through 2026.

Uranus is the planet of liberation, revolution, breakthroughs, and experimentation. Taurus is a sign about our connection to our body and to the earth. Taurus also represents finding stability through our relationship to resources and money.

As this transit correlates to our connection to our bodies, we are invited to re-imagine how we take care of ourselves physically. It’s time to open up to unconventional methods and different approaches. If there is a healing modality you’ve been wanting to try, the energy is there to support it. If you are ready to do something radically different with your approach to diet and exercise, Uranus in Taurus will help you shake up your relationship to food and old habits.

Uranus in Taurus also supports breaking away from ingrained behaviors regarding spending, saving (or lack thereof), and earning. This is a good time to try new ways to invest, save, or create income.

Uranus in Taurus supports breakthroughs in the ways we deal with our physical world. If we are willing to experiment, we can liberate ourselves from patterns that have kept us in lack and discomfort.

Mercury Retrogrades

Mercury Retrograde times teach us to be more agile in our thinking. Frustrations occur when we resist a change in plans rather than going with the flow. Along the way, sometimes even “happy accidents” happen if we let ourselves see them that way. In order to make the most of this energy, be more reflective than assertive. Do more listening than talking. Observe the world around you. Watch for deeper insights to emerge. New visions and perspectives can come during Mercury Retrograde when you give yourself enough down-time.

Here are the dates and signs of this year's Mercury Retrogrades:

Mercury stations retrograde: March 5, 2019 at 29° Pisces

Mercury stations direct: March 28, 2019 at 16° Pisces

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces invites us to go deep insides ourselves and reconsider how we connect to spirit. Is it time to change up our spiritual practice? Or is it time to experiment with a new one? This retrograde asks us to let go of the details and gain a more expansive view of our lives. Watch for omens and synchronicities. This can be a magical time, if you allow it.

Mercury stations retrograde: July 7, 2019 at 4° Leo

Mercury stations direct: July 31, 2019 at 23° Cancer

Mercury Retrograde in Leo (July 7th – 19th) invites us to reconsider our relationship to play and creativity. What does fun mean for you now, as different from the past? Explore new avenues of creativity, without agenda.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (July 20th – 31st) invites us to reconsider the meaning of our closest relationships. What does family mean to you? It’s a good time to reconnect with those who are closest to your heart, blood kin or no.

Mercury stations retrograde: October 31, 2019 at 27° Scorpio

​Mercury stations direct: November 20, 2019 at 11° Scorpio

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio calls us to investigate the shadow realm. This is already a Scorpionic time: The Sun is in Scorpio, and we’ve just entered the dark half of the year on Samhain / Halloween / All Saint’s Day / Day of the Dead (the day that Mercury stations retrograde). With the retrograde also occurring now, it is an auspicious time to explore our connection to our ancestors. It is also a time to honor our grief and feelings of loss that we might normally push aside. Feel it all, bless it all, release it all.

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