Spring is here!

The Spring Equinox (aka The Vernal Equinox and Ostara) happens when the Sun enters Aries (exact on Monday the 20th at 3:29 AM). This marks the beginning of the zodiacal year and of spring. In the northern hemisphere, day and night are equal length. But now the days begin to grow longer than the nights. We will have more light, and more time, in which to be active. The energy of spring can be inspiring and invigorating. Mark the shift to spring with a ritual and/or an intention. What projects already begun now need extra tending, nurturing, and fertilization to make them grow? Work in harmony with the waxing light by fanning the spark ignited during Winter Solstice, and let your projects grow into a heartily burning fire.

Want to learn more about working in harmony with the seasons? Find out more about ritual, intention, and magic aligned with the solar cycle at:

Cycles of Wisdom

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