Scorpio Season 2019

The Sun has just entered Scorpio, where it remains for the next month. This kicks off “Scorpio Season,” the time when the Sun transits through that sign. But while the Sun enters Scorpio at the same time every year, this season is especially pronounced. Venus and Mercury are both currently there. Mercury is beginning its station in late Scorpio. (See all dates at bottom of this post). We will have at least two planets in Scorpio for the next six weeks, and Mercury spends its entire retrograde there, plus pre- and post-shadow periods. A New Moon in Scorpio this Sunday adds its flavor to this already spicy stew. Samhain comes on the 31st as well, marking the entry into the dark half of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The pagan sabbat of Samhain, also celebrated as Halloween and Day of the Dead, is a harbinger of all things Scorpio: death, facing the dark, dancing with the shadow.

With this strong concentration of Scorpio energy, we are reconnected to the intense emotions that we normally repress. Grief, rage, and depression can come out of the shadows now. If any of these feeling states arises for you, there is no way around but to go through. Know that when you allow yourself to feel whatever comes to the surface, you will experience a cleansing of body, mind, and spirit. Befriend your emotions as best you can right now, tend them, and allow them to move through you. On the other side lies healing and a renewed passion for life.

Here are some of the highlights of this time ahead:

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (10/31 - 11/20)

Mercury Retrograde is always a time to slow down, look within, and make more space in our lives so that we can hear our inner guidance. As Mercury rides through Scorpio, it is time to check in with ourselves in particular about what we have been sweeping under the rug. Set aside time for journaling, dream work, meditation, walks in nature, or regular tarot/oracle readings--whatever helps you to take a time out from the busy-ness of life so that you can hear what your Soul has been trying to tell you, from the depths of your unconscious. If you make the time and space to listen, you will benefit greatly from the wisdom. You will be able to make your decisions and plans from a clear and centered place, aligned with your true nature.

New Moon in Scorpio (10/27 at 8:39 PM)

The New Moon in Scorpio, which occurs every year during Scorpio time, gets us started. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus will all be in Scorpio on this date. In the days before the New Moon this Sunday, we are in a potent dark moon period (the “balsamic” phase) that is about releasing, shedding, cleansing. On the physical level, we can do some powerful physical and energetic cleansing of our home and/or work space. The shadow expression is always possible in the days before this lunation: watch for tendencies toward manipulation (in yourself or from others), brooding, and suspicion. To harness the dark moon energy for good, spend the time before this Sunday intentionally clearing the way for the new lunation cycle that begins Sunday evening. Aim your New Moon rituals toward invoking clarity, focus, passion, and purpose.

Mars in Scorpio (11/18/19 - 1/3/2020)

Although Mars enters Scorpio after the Sun and Venus have left, the planet will carry the pronounced Scorpio themes through early 2020. It will also accompany Mercury there as it wraps up its retrograde and post-shadow; Mercury stays in Scorpio with Mars through 12/9. Mars rules Scorpio, so its energy is strongly felt in this sign. Mars is about physical energy, passion, and will. It is our drive to move toward our desires. While Mars transits Scorpio, the energy is available for us to move with great focus and intensity toward what we want. This is neither wholly positive nor negative. That depends upon our own actions. Mars in Scorpio helps us to be honest with ourselves about our motives. So, it will not be easy to pretend that we have loftier intentions than we do, either to ourselves or to others. An opportunity during this period is to get clear on your “why.” Why do you want what you want? Why do you do the job that you do? Why do you create what you create? Why do you choose the partnerships that you are in? This kind of deep honesty will yield insights that compel us to act.

Finally, the ongoing Saturn-Pluto conjunction underscores all things Scorpio, as it moves toward the end of its cycle in these last few months of 2019. Pluto, along with Mars, rules Scorpio. You can read more about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction here:

Scorpio Dates

Sun in Scorpio: 10/23 - 10/22

Mercury in Scorpio: 10/3 - 12/9

(retrograde 10/31 - 11/20)

Venus in Scorpio: 10/8 - 11/1

New Moon in Scorpio: 10/27

Mars in Scorpio: 11/18 - 1/3/2020

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