New Moon in Leo and Lammas: Recreation and Creation

Today’s New Moon coincides with a seasonal marker on the Wheel of the Year, Lammas. The themes of the New Moon in Leo are recreation and play. Lammas marks the peak of summer, a time when we are invited to spend more time in rejuvenating and playful activities. One of the eight points on the Wheel of the Year, this sabbat begins the tipping point toward fall, and the light is beginning to wane. We begin to feel the pull toward rest and relaxation. This theme easily supports the Leo New Moon’s call for us to consider the need for unstructured time. Right now, we need an adult version of Summer Vacation.

Many of us remember the feeling of being off school during the summer. Every year at this time, I get nostalgic for my childhood visits to my grandparents’ house in Southern California. My only responsibilities were to have fun, sleep in, and go to at least a couple amusement parks. My grandparents would cook my favorite foods. I’d play cards or Yahtzee in the evenings with my grandma. During the weekend days, my grandpa would take me to the bookstore where I could pick out anything I wanted to read. It was bliss. I remember my sweet grandparents were always worried I’d get bored hanging out with them. I would tell them, “No way.” I guess if I were to live there all year around, I would have taken it all for granted. But inevitably, I had to go home at the end of the summer. The contrast was stark. So, every year I savored my time at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

With this New Moon and Lammas, I’m setting an intention that sometime within this lunar cycle (between now and the next New Moon on September 1st), I will have at least a few days where I enjoy some free, unstructured time. I will set aside and plan some days in August where my only responsibilities will be: to have fun, sleep in, and go to some (inner) amusement parks. I will read some novels (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is waiting in my Kindle). I will take aimless walks in nature. I will have at least a few days where I will only follow my in-the-moment whims (Leo energy) so that I can receive inspiration for my next round of creative projects.

This sounds easy, right? But I have to actually write down the above list so that I will stick to it. Now I have said these things to you, my audience, so I have witnesses. And I need that accountability. Because honestly, it is dreadfully hard for me to deal with unstructured time. I like to fill it up with grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning and bookkeeping and my business duties and writing and…all not necessarily in that order. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me (OK, Virgo South Node, so I am pretty sure why.) But it’s challenging for me to sink into this concept of recreation.

I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one. The weather and the changing light are calling us toward recreation. But individually, the structure of our lives may not support our being able to answer that call. We are used to always moving forward, trudging along in a constant uphill climb with no end in sight. Many of us don’t have the luxury of a true Summer Vacation, like we had as children. But without taking a pause to reflect, to integrate, and to just enjoy life, the upcoming busy-ness and duties of the fall season will be all the more challenging. I encourage you to consider how you can somehow bring the feeling of Summer Vacation back, even if it’s for just a few days. It is only in taking time to re-create that you will have the energy to create.

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