Mercury Retrograde and The Full Moon

Mercury is stationing retrograde in Taurus, exact on Sunday at 4:14 PM.

It will spend part of its retrograde in Taurus and the other part in Aries. The retrograde lasts until May 3rd.

We can usually feel the effect of Mercury's station most strongly at least a few days before and after, as the retrograding planet slows down. The recommendation for any Mercury Retrograde time is, that we, too slow down: be methodical, and think through all your communications thoroughly. Adding to this message, Taurus is a sign that indicates the need to approach life with a slow and steady pace – even to stand still. Let ideas percolate rather than pushing forward on them. Practice deep listening when in dialogue with others. Incorporate more time into your life for silence. Notice how much extraneous noise exists in your life via technology and busy-ness. Taurus’ recommendation is to simplify, simplify, simplify. When we cut down on noise – literally and figuratively -- we are more able to hear the messages our soul is trying to give us.

Once Mercury moves back into Aries (April 20th - May 3rd), it’s a good time consider where your thought patterns have been driving you to act from fear or pressure. Aries in its positive expression is about developing courage and taking appropriate risks. But with Mercury Retrograde in this sign, we are likely to experience its shadow face. Aries energy can provoke us to make impulsive decisions in response to perceived threats. Our survival instinct can kick in strongly, motivating us to do and say things without considering others. The advice is to think once, twice, and three times before speaking or making an important decision. Acknowledge where you might be overreacting or taking something too personally.

An important note about the first week of this retrograde: Mercury Retrograde overlaps with the tail end of Venus Retrograde during this time. Through Saturday April 15th (Venus’ direct station) it is a good time to review and reassess what is no longer practical (Taurus) for you. What things are currently not meeting your basic needs? It is not yet time to take action on any realizations you gain. Instead, be present in your body, listen to life, and enjoy the moment where you can. When Mercury stations direct on May 3rd, you can more easily move forward based upon what you learn about during the period between April 9th and May 3rd.

For more about this Venus Retrograde, please see my previous posts on the topic.

Full Moon Alert! Full Moon in Libra is exact 11:08 PM Monday April 10th

This is a potent Full Moon with a lot of hard aspects (conjunctions and squares) tying in with current dramatic planetary patterns (particularly the Jupiter-Uranus opposition). The Moon is conjunct Jupiter, opposed Uranus, and square Pluto. Even though Libra is known for being a sign of peace and harmony, the energy can feel very intense and fraught with conflict in the days just before and after this lunation. This is due to the Sun in Aries also being conjunct Uranus, and Pluto being so highly aspected. Under this Moon, seek to find balance through doing Libra things: connect with people you love, do things you enjoy, inspire yourself with art and beauty. Seek not merely to avoid conflict, but to deal with any potential arguments straight on by using diplomatic methods. If anger arises, diffuse it by consciously diverting your attention to the things that bring you the most peace.

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