Letting Go: The Pisces Eclipse of March

We have two eclipses coming up in March: a solar eclipse on March 8th and a lunar eclipse on March 23rd. The March 8th eclipse is in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces is a sign of surrender, release, and letting go. The March 23rd eclipse is in Libra, a sign of balance and peace. Libra is also about relationships: the striving for harmony and balance between two individuals. But the Libra eclipse is the last one of a cycle of Aries/Libra eclipses, so even there we have a theme of endings and a resonance with the “letting go” theme of the Pisces eclipse.

I don’t consider eclipses to be predictive. They don’t portend doom, nor do they cause huge events in your life, even when they intersect with planets in the natal chart. At least, that hasn’t been my observation. But often, eclipses highlight those issues that we are ready to bring out of the collective unconscious and into the light of conscious awareness. When the eclipse connects with a sensitive area in your natal chart, it can indicate an opportunity period for growth, release, and healing in that area.

But even if you don’t know the exact position of the eclipse in your chart, you can be proactive by being especially observant toward the synchronicities, dreams, and intuitions that are coming to you right now. That is because the upcoming eclipse is in Pisces, and because we are in a particularly Piscean/Neptunian time for most of March (see list of events below). Pisces and its ruling planet, Neptune, are connected to the dream world, the psychic realm, and invisible forces.

I have seen this Piscean/Neptunian theme at play in my own dream life this past week. My night-time dreams have given me some clear messages that it's time to release the past, on an even deeper level than I have done so far. I have been practicing Projective Dream Work for many years, so I have some tools that help me to "work" my dreams. Without going into the specific details of the dreams, I’ll share the theme that came forward: I need to truly forgive my parents, to let go of my idea of “how things should have been” in my childhood. Doing so is the only way I can move forward into a more fulfilling life. Simple, right? Easier said than done, as always. I’m glad I already have a good therapist!

My awareness of the placement of these upcoming eclipses are happening in my chart helped me to pinpoint the message of my dreams. For example, I know that the upcoming Pisces eclipse falls on my Pisces North Node. The North Node represents our spiritual lessons in this life – that which we are learning to become. By nature, the North Node terrain is where we tend to feel out of our depth, unskilled, and awkward. These dreams are telling me that this is an opportunity to move to the next level with my lifelong lesson of letting go, forgiving, and surrendering my need to hold on to old pain (natal Pluto conjunct my South Node in Virgo).

Will I accept the challenge? It’s up to me. How much introspection do I want to do? How conscious do I want to become of my own stuff? Do I want to move on to the next level of learning, or do I want to keep repeating the same patterns over and over again? These are North Node questions.

But no matter where this eclipse lands in your chart, these next three weeks will feel extremely Piscean. That is because we are in a Piscean / Neptunian time in general right now, further emphasizing the eclipse themes:

  • The Sun is making its yearly trek through Pisces, and as I write this, has just made an exact conjunction to Neptune (ruler of Pisces). We’ll be feeling extra dreamy and sensitive during this next week. After March 5th, Mercury will also have entered Pisces, followed by Venus on March 12th. This will give us at least four bodies in Pisces through March 21st.

  • Chiron in Pisces is in an opposition with Jupiter, an aspect that became exact last week, but will remain in influence for most of the next six months. This aspect has to do with the need to look at what wounds (Chiron) are keeping us from living into the fullness and abundance of our lives (Jupiter). Jupiter magnifies what it touches, and right now it is emboldening the message of Chiron in Pisces. We must balance our need for order and control (Jupiter in Virgo) with the ability to surrender and trust in a larger plan (Chiron).

  • And finally, we have the ongoing Saturn-Neptune Square. This aspect, ongoing through to the fall of 2016, is about learning to balance our relationship to the material world (Saturn) with the invisible realms (Neptune).

The prominence of Pisces and Neptune this month points to a general increase in sensitivity and psychic awareness. Here are my suggestions as to how to work with these energies over the next three weeks:

  • Be aware of your body’s need for rest and recuperation. We need restorative, deep sleep so that our unconscious has a chance to process all that our conscious minds have to struggle with throughout the day. Make sleep a priority, and if you are having sleep issues, address them. For it is in sleep that we dream…

  • Experiment with keeping a dream journal (if you don’t do so already). If you have trouble remembering your dreams, try setting the intention before going to sleep: “I will remember my dreams.” Watch for any repeated themes in the dreams. Ask yourself: What might these repeated themes be trying to tell me?

  • Take some quiet and contemplative time for journaling, and ask yourself: What do I need to release in my life right now? Have a pen and paper ready, and write whatever comes to you. Don’t think analyze it. Just be curious and present to what comes forward.

  • Enact a Release Ritual. This can be most powerfully done between Saturday, March 5th and Tuesday, March 8th – during the Balsamic Moon phase, or Dark Moon. You can do a simple ritual such as writing what you’d like to release, then burning the piece of paper. Or, you can send the energy of what you are releasing into a stone, and drop the stone into a stream or river.

What makes a ritual powerful is your intention combined with the symbolic physical act. Be present, trust, and be willing to let go of the rational mind for the time you are doing the ritual. In this way, you are also connecting to the Piscean realm – that of magic and mystery.

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