How to Make the Most of a Reading

Sometimes, a client will email me, months or even a year after their reading, to tell me: It all happened, just the way you said it would! They got the relationship/job/home that they’d been wanting.

But I can’t actually take credit for how “it all happened.” I remind the client that they made the choices and took the actions that led to the manifestation of their dreams. Bottom line, I cannot predict the future. Because even in the act of receiving a reading, the future course of events is changed.

I think what actually occurred for the client who says that my reading “came true” is that they applied the information I gave them in the reading. They put it to work for them, and they took advantage of opportunity periods. The client made their hoped-for outcome happen by living in alignment with the recommendations of their forecast reading.

I’m not being falsely modest here. Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding the power of right timing. A good astrology reading can help the client to maximize the benefits of the current energies at play. I’ve become skilled at reading the symbols, then interpreting them for a client in a way that they can use in their daily lives. I have learned to be very, very careful about how I word things, always steering away from prediction and toward strategy. I work at making my readings ever more practical, useful, and precise.

And to be fair, I have also heard this negative feedback a few times: You said I was going to meet the love of my life--and I didn’t!

In either case--whether the client is praising me for my all-powerful knowing, or naming me I am a failed fortune-teller--I remind the person that I don’t predict. So, I would not have said, in any reading, that someone would meet the love of their life. What I likely did say was:

-There is an opportunity period during (a specific timeframe) to meet a romantic partner. You can take action in the following ways in order to maximize the benefit of this time...

Then, I give them some practical suggestions, based upon their situation and circumstances.

I might also say:

-There is a challenging period during (a specific timeframe). You can protect yourself by taking the following actions. (Then, I give them practical suggestions).

These are the two words I use in nearly every forecast reading, because they are two things upon which we can depend: opportunity and challenge. Life dishes up opportunity and challenge on a regular basis.

But our response to these is what determines the course of our future.

How can you, as a client, maximize the information you get from a reading? Whether you receive information via a reading by an astrologer, intuitive, tarot reader, or medium, these guidelines will be helpful. I base these suggestions upon my experience not only as an astrologer, but also having been a client of all of these modalities.

Guidelines for making the most of your readings:

  • Be clear in your intentions for seeking a reading. Know what your expectations and your questions are.

  • Be engaged. Ask follow up questions during the reading, or at the end, if there is something unclear to you.

  • Take time to revisit the reading and make notes. Most readings offer a recording. Go back to the reading, maybe a few days or weeks afterwards, and take time to go through it more slowly. Pause and make note of specific dates and time frames, if given.

  • Put important dates on your calendar. Whether you have an online or paper calendar, you can place reminders for yourself of any suggested actions during the time frames given.

  • Make a plan. Be proactive. Choose some actions that you can take, based upon the suggestions given in your reading, and schedule them. Commit to do something daily, or weekly, based upon the suggestions given in the reading.

  • Remember that the reader is not omniscient (and they ought not purport to be so). Readers are human, and they have their own filters. Which leads to:

  • Take what works, leave the rest. If a reader says something that does not ring true, don’t obsess on it. For that matter, try not to obsess about the reading at all. It is not the word of God.

This last guideline is so important. Ultimately, you must be clear on the fact that you hold the power to create your life, not the reader. Only you know what is best for you. Trust your own intuition, your gut instincts, and your innate wisdom.

So why get a reading at all, you ask?

A good reading can do one of two things (or both):

1. A good reading can validate something that you already know to be true, but that you did not trust yourself enough to admit. Sometimes, we need to hear it from a stranger before we believe the wisdom of our own souls.

2. A good reading can give you an objective perspective on matters that have become too emotionally charged for you. You may be stuck or indecisive because you are too close to a situation. A reader can help to give insight as someone not attached to a particular outcome.

We all get confused at times, and we may need the help and guidance of others to help sort out what’s next for us. That’s the perfect reason to seek out a reading. But ultimately, taking responsibility for yourself and your actions helps you to make the most of any reading you receive.

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