Full Moon in Scorpio

We’re just a few hours away from tonight’s Full Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto and Mars, is a sign if intensity, passion, and depth. This Full Moon is especially potent with its rulers (Pluto and Mars) both having stationed within the past week. With the Full Moon here, is a time to be deeply truthful with our closest intimates, and with ourselves, about what we really want. In contrast, you might also notice what has been missing for you. Where in your life do you feel a lack of spark and energy? The Full Moon shines its light on this issue.

We can use Scorpio energy to see deeply into issues, even those we might be afraid to confront. Scorpio energy is truth-telling energy. Let’s say you have a Scorpionic friend in your life (or maybe you are that person.) Scorpionic people can be ruthlessly honest. And the truth can sting. But the insight is often exactly what is needed to spur us to re-connect to our authentic life.

These themes are also connected to my previous post about the Mars Retrograde.

So tonight, consider the uses of this intense energy. Where in your life would you like to apply more intensity, passion, and depth? Take one action step toward making it happen.

Enjoy the Full Moon!

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