Full Moon in Sagittarius + Mars: The Call to Adventure

This Saturday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius reconnects us with the themes of the Mars Retrograde. The Moon will conjunct Mars within one degree. With retrograde Mars involved, we are invited to confront any Mars-related issues we may have suppressed or avoided since the retrograde began.

The Full Moon is bringing the Sagittarius themes of the Mars Retrograde to a peak. Our Mars is the part of us that takes action to get what we want. Mars energy is spontaneous, present to the now – and cares little about consequences. Sagittarius energy is about the call to adventure, the part of us that wants to strike out on a journey and figure out what it all means. So we may be feeling restless and bored with current routines. These next few days and through the weekend, work with the Full Moon energy proactively by shaking things up. Ask yourself: "What does adventure look like to me?" And then: Choose your adventure.

But adventure may look very different to each of us. We may need to take smaller or bigger steps, depending upon who we are. I am feeling this one very personally right now. My own natal Mars in Sagittarius (and as it so happens, at the exact degree of this Full Moon). Since the retrograde began, I’ve been experiencing a longing to escape, to have an adventure. But I also don’t want to leave home much – which creates a bit of a problem, you see. While my Mars is in Sagittarius, I’m also a Cancer Sun with a Taurus Moon. I tend to like the safety of routine, and I am a homebody at heart. Plus, I worry about my pets being sad and lonely when I’m gone. (I picture them moping around the house with woeful meows and squeaks.) So, my gypsy-natal-Mars is often at odds with the Cancer/Taurus part of me that loves a night at home on the couch. Based on my knowledge of the rest of my chart, I also know that the needs of my natal Mars are quite vulnerable to being sidelined.

But during a major Mars time (like now), I know that I’m going to have to deal with this part of myself that often jangles the rest of my chart uncomfortably. A perfect example of this issue came up last weekend. My husband had also been feeling restless and wanting for us to get away. He’s become aware that he’s not been getting enough play time, and things are out of balance. (Retrograde Mars is trining his natal Mars in Leo right now). We’ve also been working right through every weekend lately and not getting time to just be together. So on Thursday, he went online and checked a local romantic resort to see if they had a room available for just Saturday night, and they did. He sprung the idea on me: “Want to get out of town for just one night?”

My reaction was a wet-blanket “No.” My Cancer/Taurus self said: “That’s not what I had planned for this weekend.” And that I was worried about the cats being alone.

My husband got quiet, and just said, “OK.” I saw all that Mars in Leo excitement deflate like a punctured balloon. I felt bad, and offered to go anyway. He said, no, forget it. I felt worse. Then we both got quiet and put the idea away for the night.

The next morning, I woke up thinking about it, and I couldn’t stop. I thought about my Taurus Moon’s stubborn attachment to predictability and routine. I thought about my Cancer Sun’s tendency to over-worry ridiculously about my animals. And I realized that I was coming up on the second of three Mars Returns this week. I had to admit that I really did need to let off some steam. That I’d also been feeling restless. That I knew this night away would do us both so much good.

I did the spontaneous thing, hopped online, and booked the (still only remaining) room. Then I let my husband know that we’d be going away after all.

For me, even this small thing felt like a big push beyond my comfort zone. Were there parts of me that were out of sorts once we got there? Yes. My Taurus Moon didn’t like the noisy room, and I didn’t sleep so well. But we got to swim at night in a soaking pool, have a great meal, and listen to live music. This was a small adventure I wouldn’t have had if I’d been sitting at home safely on the couch with our cats.

So for me, I believe this Full Moon energy will be showing me more of this theme: It’s time for me to put my natal Mars more in the driver’s seat. It’s time for me to be willing to put my Cancer/Taurus self in the backseat for a bit while I follow adventure’s call. I have to risk being a little uncomfortable in order to open up to some much needed fresh energy in my life.

While I was writing this post, I paused and found myself dreamily staring at my wall (like you do). Then I noticed that I had put these very ideas in a dream-board / collage thing I did at the New Moon in Aries last month. (A portion is pictured in this post, above). It’s an annual thing I do every year with my friend Mirae. We collage on poster-board the things we want to call in during the astrological year ahead. Apparently, my soul was telling me on that day over a month ago that I wanted adventure and escape. Now, I just need to get the rest of myself on board with that.

Where do you resist the call to adventure? What has your Mars been trying to tell you?

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