Full Moon in Gemini

A Full Moon represents what is being spotlighted or brought to consciousness. Gemini, the Moon’s sign, has to do with the process of giving and receiving information. Gemini’s aim is to receive information, but also to share knowledge with others. The Sun’s sign is Sagittarius, opposite of Gemini. The aim of Sagittarius is to make meaning out of information. Sagittarius creates philosophy and truth out of the raw data perceived by Gemini.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Gemini puts the spotlight on the approaching first exact square of

Saturn and Neptune. The Sun is conjunct Saturn, and both the Sun and Moon are square Neptune. The themes of this long, ongoing aspect between Saturn and Neptune, which I wrote about in my last blog entry, are brought into the mass consciousness loud and clear at this time. Mercury, ruler of Gemini, also sits now in Sagittarius near the Sun and Saturn. This points to a complex mix of messages about the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

With Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius along with the Sun, we are inclined to be very certain about the truth of our thoughts. But the Moon in Gemini, with a square from Neptune in Pisces, cautions against such certainty. It is a time to question our deepest assumptions, our old truths, and the beliefs that currently frame our reality. Gemini asks us to hold the beginner’s mind.

The energy at this time, through to early Friday, could feel buzzy and fast-paced. The Thanksgiving holiday obviously contributes to this feeling. A good use of Wednesday and Thursday’s energy would be to just enjoy your conversations with others. Be open-minded, especially in discussions with those who hold different beliefs. There will be plenty of opportunity for this to crop up at the Thanksgiving dinner table! Also watch for signs, synchronicities, and omens. These tend to be more prominent when Gemini and Mercury influences are heightened. There may be messages for you about the meaning of this Full Moon and the Saturn-Neptune square in your life.

Here are some questions to consider over the next two weeks between now and the New Moon (Dec. 12th). I’ve noted their connection to the planets most involved at this time:

  • What is true for me today? (Moon in Gemini)

  • How do my beliefs now different from what they were in the past? (Saturn in Sagittarius)

  • What area of life is causing me confusion right now? (Neptune in Pisces square Moon and Sun)

  • What previous beliefs may be blocking me from gaining clarity? (Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius)

  • What needs to shift so that I can have more time for quiet reflection? (Moon square Neptune)

As I mentioned, the next couple of days will hold the swirling energy of Full Moon in Gemini. But Friday’s shift of Moon into Cancer (through Sunday) should provide a space to get more grounded and settled. Choose toward rest and retreat if possible, connecting with those you feel closest to. It is a great time to stay close to home, or to the places and people that feel like home.

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Happy Thanksgiving!



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