Full Moon in Capricorn: Let your light shine

The energies at play over the next week will encourage us to get in touch with the part of us that wants to be recognized for our work. If you are unsure of what that is for you right now, this week can be a good time to get clarity on the issue. Next Tuesday’s Full Moon is in Capricorn. This sign is about having a sense of purpose, a sense that we are making a contribution of our skills. It’s important for Capricorn types to feel that they are making their mark in the world with their time and talents. During this time of the Full Moon, we may feel the urge to put our work out there for the benefit of a wider audience.

And although the upcoming Full Moon is in Capricorn, by Friday of next week there will also be a lineup of planets in Leo. The chart for Tuesday’s Full Moon features a conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Leo, and Friday the 22nd marks the Sun’s entry into that sign. Leo energy can help us to risk higher visibility, even if we tend to be on the shy side. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in Leo by the 22nd and carrying us through to Friday the 29th, it will be easy to go with the momentum of the Full Moon’s message to let your light shine more brightly.

The phrase “Making your mark” can sound lofty. It may even sound scary. I don’t think it needs to be so. It simply means to be known for what you do. Making your mark is making an impact upon the community around you. Many of my clients have come to me with the question: “What is my purpose? What am I here to do?” In fact, that is the most common question I receive. By definition, the urge to figure out our purpose is what drives us. And that sense of purpose derives from knowing that one’s work and contributions are making a positive impact upon others in our immediate life, and more widely.

But many of my clients also come to me with this struggle: “I know what I want to do. But it’s not my day job. I’m not sure how to get paid for doing what I love. So I have this job I’m just dealing with/don’t like/really hate.” (Or some version of this.) They feel that their life has become robotic – an empty repetition of going to work, coming home, eating dinner, and going to bed. And as it turns out, that is the shadow expression of Capricorn energy – meaningless work. We can become confined by the deadening job, the familiar routine. But sometimes we fail to realize the antidote: we need to be part of the world around us by contributing with our skills in a way that feels meaningful to us.

So, what is the solution? Everybody quit their “meaningless” day job? Sometimes, that is the answer. But I don’t see things as so black or white. I often advise people that if their day job is what they need to do in order to pay the bills, then they will also need to find time for their passion, the expression of their true talents, elsewhere. They will need to carve out time in their lives for the work that is meaningful to them. Or risk living a very unfulfilled life.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, wrote about this idea in her recent book, Big Magic. She recounts how she committed early on in her life to be a writer, no matter what. And in the meantime, she worked regular jobs all the way through her twenties and early thirties to support her writing. She carved out the time. It was not an either/or choice for her. She needed to pay the bills, and she also knew that writing was her meaningful work.

So, what is your meaningful work? If it is the job you currently get paid for, and you are able to survive on that, you are blessed. Be very grateful. But if it’s not, then these next couple weeks (with the Capricorn Full Moon and Leo influences) are the perfect time to get in touch with a deeper sense of purpose in your daily life. Look for ways to carve out the time for that work, whether it be a little on the weekend, or a volunteer position. How do you know if it is your meaningful work? It will rejuvenate you.

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