Full Moon in Aries: Stoking the Right Fires

The chart for Saturday's Full Moon in Aries (exact 9:25 PM), spotlights Uranus, as the Moon will be within a degree of that planet. The Moon aligned with Uranus points to the unlikelihood of a quiet weekend. Uranus, planet of revolution, is along with the Moon in Aries, sign of action, assertion, and will. The energy of this Moon is most intense from Friday through early Sunday. Meanwhile, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter all lie closely together in Libra, reminding us to do what we can to aim toward peace and balance. That will be a challenging assignment, however, as the fiery energy of Aries + the building energy of the Full Moon supports getting things started and taking risks. We will likely feel itchy and restless. So, it’s best to figure out how to use the energy to the good.

The shadow side of Aries is violence, anger, and frustration. So, this is a time to particularly avoid engaging in pointless conflict. In the Full Moon chart, Mercury squares the powerful Pluto-Mars conjunction. The Pluto-Mars conjunction, which is actually in play through most of October, can be helpful when channeled toward working hard on projects we are passionate about. It can also assist us in facing our fears. The high road is to choose our battles. There can be a tendency to get pulled off in too many directions, "putting out fires." Instead, we must be proactive in choosing where we’d like to stoke good fires – those that bring light and energy to our lives.

The ambient energy is intense right now as Mars is still moving into conjunction with Pluto (exact 10/19). The influence of this extends through the end of October, but is spotlighted at the time of the Full Moon. Used wisely, Mars-Pluto together in Capricorn can help us to harness energy and move forward. There may be obstacles popping up, but with persistence and a practical approach, they can be overcome.

Another factor in the Full Moon chart is the building Mercury-Uranus opposition (in play through the end of next week, exact on Oct. 20th). Surprising information can come to light, challenging our habitual way of looking at things. Open up to new ideas. It is a good week to try new strategies of communication in collaborations and relationships. Experimentation is supported.

In summary, this is a notable Full Moon with intense energy that is likely to reverberate for the next week or so. My hope is that the above recommendations will help us to navigate this time with some amount of ease and grace, and perhaps even a great amount of productivity.

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