Full Moon in Aquarius: Claiming Your Superpower

This coming Thursday's Full Moon in Aquarius invites us to consider the positive aspects of being different. Aquarius is willing to be set apart from the herd in order to be forward-thinking. The Aquarian ability to care very little about the approval of others allows for inventiveness, ultimately creating helpful change in the wider community.

The shadow side of Aquarius that is coming to light with this lunation is an awareness of ourselves as the Outsider, the Exile, the Weirdo. (If you happen to know your birth chart, the house where Aquarius resides can tell you the area of life in which you are most likely to feel this.)

I suspect that most of us can connect with this feeling of being set apart from others. Childhood offers plenty of opportunities to feel like the lonely weirdo, even if we don’t ultimately define ourselves as such. That is why we are drawn to stories about outsiders and orphans (e.g. Harry Potter, Jane Eyre, Frodo Baggins, and just about every super hero.) We have all experienced the pain of feeling left out due to our perceived, or real, differences from the herd of humankind.

But mixed with the pain is the knowledge that we are each special. The very phenomenon of a birth chart reveals this: every chart elegantly expresses the uniqueness of a moment in time, and the path laid before the individual being born at that moment. But we cannot be aware of our special-ness without also being aware of what makes us feel different, and even lonely. Sometimes, however, we must embrace what makes us “weird” in order to access our superpower.

For me, being an Astrologer has evoked this awareness of myself as an outsider. (Aquarius lands on my Midheaven, the point in the chart related to one’s career path and worldly work). I held onto the vestiges of my mainstream teaching career for so long, I believe, because I was afraid to say boldly: “I am an Astrologer.” Yet, my calling to astrology persisted, and I needed to stop keeping it compartmentalized. Doing so was disrespecting the calling I had been given. After several years of fighting it, I became ready to let go of the need for others’ approval regarding my career choice. And since I have, I feel deep satisfaction as I follow my unique career path. Certainly many people see it as weird. But I’ve learned that trying to “fit in” career-wise wasn’t helping me, and it was keeping me from fully sharing my skills with others.

What does the Outsider theme look like in your life? This week of the Full Moon in Aquarius can be a good time to consider:

-In what area(s) of your life do you often feel different or set apart from others?

-Does this feeling cause you pain or discomfort? If so, can you trace it back to an event or origin in your childhood?

-Can you see how your uniqueness serves you now?

With the last question, take a few minutes to brainstorm it. Perhaps write a short journal entry. How is your “weirdness” actually your superpower?

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is making a flowing connection to both Sun and Moon at the time it is Full. Uranus energy can assist us in getting out of ruts. We can make shifts in our lives proactively, rather than re-actively. This energetic support for breakthroughs and ease-ful change is in play from today through to about the end of this week. It’s a great time to step away from the herd, and to stand more fully in who you really are.

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