An eventful August

The month of August is full of astrological events, to say the least. There are 2 eclipses, a Mercury Retrograde, a Uranus station, and the final peak of the Jupiter-Pluto square. When we are in a particularly active time with the planets, it can often feel as though fate has slightly more power on our lives than does free-will. We are highly aware of events that are bigger than us, and we feel keenly how little control we actually have in the greater scheme. But I am a proponent of using our power of free-will wisely and efficiently. With awareness of the prevailing astrological winds, we can maximize our ability to make optimal choices during this time.

With that in mind, here is my list of August’s astrological happenings, each followed by a brief summary:

Uranus stations on August 2nd

Uranus stations retrograde today. During its exact stations (retrograde or direct), several days before and afterwards, we are likely to have a more potent experience of this planetary archetype. The entire week is infused with Uranus energy. Uranus is the Awakener, the bringer of sudden change, surprise, chaos, and liberation. Uranus also carries the archetype of the Rebel. This week is likely to present many unlikely events. Keep your feet on the ground by focusing on the things over which you have control. Let go of everything else.

Jupiter makes its final square to Pluto on August 4th

This aspect has been in play since November 2016 and is at a final peak of energy this week and next. It will begin to fade in influence by about the second week of September. Jupiter is about optimism, adventure, and finding meaning. Pluto is about going within, confronting fears, acknowledging darkness, and healing wounds. Jupiter magnifies what it touches, and right now the presence of Pluto is strongly felt all around us. Jupiter’s presence offers the opportunity to face normally insurmountable fears and to become more integrated as we do so.

There is a Full Moon / Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th

(This eclipse happens at 11:11 AM PDT, and can only be viewed where the Moon is visible.) Eclipses are extra-powerful New and Full Moons. The duration of influence is most potent in the two weeks leading up to and away from it. In this case, the Full Moon/Eclipse in Aquarius is shining light on the ideal of reform. We are called to innovate and create helpful change. Consider what causes to which you feel ready to commit. With the Jupiter-Pluto square still potent during this Moon, there is a strong urge to confront corruption. Where can you bring light? Where can you be the change you wish to see?

Mercury stations retrograde on August 11th

Mercury will be retrograde through September 5th. I wrote about Mercury in Virgo and the retrograde here:

There is a New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21st

There has been so much written and said about this event. One friend recently emailed me and asked if he should be worried about it or if all of the fuss was just a bit “Y2K.” I’ll tell you what I told him: While I do feel that eclipses have an effect within the birth chart (for some people more than others), I think that the fear around this one has been hyped -- and yes, a bit Y2K. To clarify: eclipses are not rare. This one just seems rare because it's the first one to be visible across North America for quite some time. Still, I would consider this eclipse to be an extra potent New Moon in Leo. Use the energy to seed new beginnings in creative projects. Consider the things that bring you joy. Ask yourself how you can share more of yourself with the world.

One more note: This eclipse does connect powerfully with the United States chart and with Trump's chart. So while it may have little to no relevance in your personal life, there is likely to be some (more) national angst to contend with. If you're interested in further reading on the eclipse, you can do no better than this post by Steven Forrest:

Furthermore, three of the events above land in auspicious places in the United States’ chart: the Uranus station (squaring the U.S. Mercury-Pluto opposition), the Jupiter-Pluto square (activating the U.S. Saturn-Sun square), and the Solar Eclipse (opposing the U.S. Moon in Aquarius). Do your best to stay centered as events may grow even more dramatic on the national stage. Attend to the small tasks at hand (remember, Mercury Retrograde in Virgo!) And if you feel powerless, turn your attention to your own life, your loved ones, and the things that bring you joy. This is always good to remember, but particularly now.

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