A Hearty Helping of Jupiter and a side of Saturn

When a planet stations (either retrograde or direct), we feel the archetypal energy of that planet more strongly in the days leading up to and away from the exact station. Jupiter stations retrograde on Friday morning (7:02 AM), just after the Full Moon in Sagittarius (6:09 AM). Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and is making a trine to the Sun in Gemini at the time of the Full Moon. So, we are likely to be strongly feeling the Jupiter and Sagittarius energy in the days leading up to and away from Friday. Jupiter is about taking a leap of faith into new territory, taking big risks, taking your chances. Luck and opportunity abound with heightened Jupiter at play. Sagittarius aims to find meaning, get the big picture, and broaden our horizons. The key theme that you might recognize in both of these archetypal fields is expansion. With both Jupiter and Sagittarius in the spotlight, we are invited to go beyond our perceived limitations.

When any archetypal field is emphasized, we will also see and perhaps experience the shadow side of the archetype playing out. The shadow side of both Jupiter and Sagittarius is about over-doing -- over-estimating ourselves, over-indulging (in anything from food to alcohol to TV), and even over-working. Being overly-confident without a close relationship to the facts gets us into trouble. But being aware of these pitfalls is the first step toward avoiding them.

Conveniently, Saturn, planet of discipline, provides a sobering influence now. Saturn is in stark contrast to Jupiter, even as it travels through Sagittarius. While Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts. While Jupiter takes a leap, Saturn takes a careful look. At the time of the Full Moon, Saturn makes a close conjunction to the Moon. There will likely be a serious vibe with this lunation that is not usually associated with buoyant Sagittarius. And through roughly the next two weeks, Saturn will be opposing the Sun. The days before and after the Full Moon are a good time to get an overview of your life and make plans for your next steps. It's also important to check in with yourself to see what things still hold meaning for you. What has stood the test of time? With Saturn reigning in both the Gemini Sun and the Sagittarius Moon, we are reminded to focus our ideas, call in our scattered energies, and aim our arrows true.

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