Overview of the Astrology of 2020

The following is a concise outline of the planetary influences at play in 2020.  For a more detailed interpretation, please listen to my podcast conversation with Slade Roberson on the topic.

Synodic Cycles ending and beginning in 2020


Synodic Cycles are cycles that occur between one planet and another. There are three of these longer cycles coming to their ending and new beginning within 2020. The conjunction marks both the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new one.


The exact conjunction is 1/12/20. The length of this cycle varies. The beginning of this cycle was in 1982. The new cycle will end in 2053.


This is a 13 year cycle. In 2020, there are 3 conjunctions: April, June, and November. The conjunction is in range from March through December. 


This is a 20 year cycle. The exact conjunction is at end of year, on 12/22/20. 

The Retrogrades 

Venus Retrograde (5/12 - 5/24)

21 deg. Gemini - 5 deg. Gemini

Frequency: About every 1.5 years. The last Venus Retrograde was Oct/Nov 2018.

Mars Retrograde (9/9 - 11/13)

28 deg Aries - 15 deg Aries

About every 2 years. The last Mars Retrograde was June-Aug 2018


You can find a listing of all the Mercury Retrogrades, their zodiacal degrees and dates, HERE 

Overview of Outer and Social Planets in Signs


Pluto remains in Capricorn

Neptune remains in Pisces

Uranus remains in Taurus

Saturn leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, March 21 - Jul 1. It returns to Capricorn from  7/1 - 12/16, and re-enters Aquarius again on 12/16/20 until 2023.

Jupiter entered Capricorn on 12/2/19. It will be there until 12/19/20, at which time it enters Aquarius. 


Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all lining up in the last 10 degrees of Capricorn, and the first degree of Aquarius for Jupiter and Saturn. Those with personal planets in last 10 degrees of cardinal signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra) or very early fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio) will feel these transits most.


Monthly Listing of Events



-We begin the year under the last days of the 30+ years of the Saturn-Pluto Cycle, and in an eclipse portal. An eclipse portal is the two-week window between each pair of eclipses. The first of the pair is a Solar Eclipse on Christmas, then a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on 1/10/20.

-1/10 Uranus stations direct.

-Saturn/Pluto conjunction, marking the beginning of their new 30+ year cycle. 



Mercury stations RX in Pisces on 2/16, and remains retrograde through 3/9.



-Mercury stations direct in Aquarius on 3/9.

-Spring Equinox 3/19

-Saturn enters Aquarius 3/21 (last time was Feb. 1991)

-Particular good window to “start something new” after the New Moon in Aries on 3/24, through end of March/early April



-First of three Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions 4/4

-Pluto stations retrograde 4/25



-Saturn stations RX 5/10

-Venus stations RX 5/12

-Jupiter stations RX 5/14

(Note: a lot of stations within one week, mid month. Venus in pre-shadow and/or actual RX all month)



-Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius on 6/5 (beginning eclipse portal)

-Mercury SRX in Cancer 6/18

-Solar Eclipse in Cancer on 6/20 (summer solstice)

-Summer Solstice 6/20

-Neptune SRX 6/22

-Second of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions 6/29

-Venus RX until 6/24

-Mercury RX until 7/12



-Saturn re-enters Capricorn 7/1

-A THIRD ECLIPSE in this series (average is two) on 7/4, Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (ending eclipse portal)

-Mercury SD in Cancer 7/12

(Note: Longer eclipse portal, at same time as Mercury RX)



-Uranus SRX 8/15

Note: This feels like a month to CATCH OUR BREATH and possibly REGAIN MOMENTUM. Not much going on as compared to other months.



-Mars SRX 9/9 (through 11/13)

-Jupiter SD 9/12

-Fall Equinox 9/22

-Mars in pre-shadow or RX all month



-Mars RX all month

-Mercury SRX in Scorpio 10/13 (through 11/3)

(Note: with two RX doing on, this feels like a month to hang back, regroup. We are in waning solar cycle as well, and month begins with waning moon energy)



-Mercury SD 11/3

-Third and final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction 11/12

-Mars SD in Libra 11/13

-Neptune SD 11/28

-Lunar Eclipse in Gemini (start Eclipse portal) 11/30



-Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 12/14 (end eclipse portal)

-Saturn re-enters Aquarius (through 2023) on 12/16

-Jupiter enters Aquarius on 12/19

-Winter Solstice 12/21

-Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (ending and beginning of 20 year cycle) on 12/21, also Winter Solstice

(Note: the year ends with a bang as Jupiter & Saturn both leave Capricorn finally for Aquarius on the Winter Solstice and make their final conjunction)


RX = Retrograde

SRX = Stations Retrograde

SD = Stations Direct

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