Living Astrology Package

Right Timing for your Year Ahead


When I get overwhelmed with all that I have to do running my business, I have a reliable tool that helps me to create order out of chaos. I look at the movements of the planets for the time ahead, and I begin to schedule things on my calendar according to what I know.


My astrology experience allows me to get an overview.  I can immediately see what projects will be best supported during certain times, and which won’t.


For example, I knew that the month of July 2016 would be a great time to expand my offerings and develop new packages, because it is free from Mercury and Mars retrogrades, and Jupiter is conjunct my Jupiter, and there are a lot of good dates in early August free of Moon void-of-course, and Jupiter is in my 5th house, I starting to lose you yet with the astro-lingo? Well, that is precisely my point.


I have been using cycles of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets to guide my timing ever since I learned to track them. But it took me a few years just to learn how to use all the methods available. And it took me a few more years of trial and error, observation and correlation, to become proficient with these tools.


Maybe you also long to guide your life, your business, or your creative projects using the ancient wisdom of astrology. But you may have already run into a major roadblock to accessing this powerful guidance: You have neither the time nor the desire to learn the intricacies of astrology.


In the Living Astrology Package, you will receive the benefit of my years of study. I will provide you the detailed guidance you need in planning your year ahead, without having to understand astrology.


My astrological knowledge will help you to plan your Right Times for:


  • creativity

  • project start dates

  • marketing launches

  • down time for rest and integration (yes, this is also necessary!)


The Living Astrology Package is for you if:


  • you are a small business owner

  • you are a sole proprietor

  • you are an entrepreneur

  • you are a creative artist

  • you are a human wishing to align your daily life with the cosmic weather


This package is not for you if:


  • you are already an astrologer

  • you know enough about astrology to do your own scheduling

  • you don’t believe in the power and wisdom of astrology

  • you don’t care about working with cycles


This package includes:


  • an initial live 1-hour forecast based on your goals for the year ahead. (Recorded, mp3 emailed or given to you)

  • bi-monthly email with timing and planning for each half of the lunar cycle. Includes best days and days to avoid for specific activities.

  • a live Birthday Reading, scheduled for within 30 days either side of your birthday. (Recorded, mp3 emailed or given to you

  • email support (once weekly) for your questions about timing for the week ahead

  • an mp3 audio report on your planetary bio-rhythms (example: Saturn Cycle you are in, Progressed Lunation you are in, any midlife transits). This is individualized, specific to your chart and not a computer-generated report.

  • a copy of Cycles of Wisdom

  • subscription to a Google Calendar listing all major planetary transits and retrogrades for the year ahead, including interpretation

  • a list of your most potent Power Periods (best times for creativity and flow)

  • Mercury Retrograde guide for the year ahead


How to get started

If you are interested in learning more about this package, please fill out this application and then contact me to set up a free 30-minute consultation. I want to know that we are a good fit, and I want to make sure that this package will be of true benefit to you. Thank you!

Dena is professional, knowledgeable, kind, and has a great sense of humor. I appreciate that she puts me at ease and explains everything in clear detail. She also encourages questions. I feel hopeful and uplifted after my readings, and I always look forward to my yearly session with Dena to gain insight, understanding, and wisdom.


Conejo Valley, CA

I’ve been using Dena's services for 5 years now. I think that's an endorsement in itself. I recently called on her for a quick reading about timing to start a remodel for my home. I used her advice regarding the start time, and things ran smoothly! I have found her readings very helpful going through life. They have helped me in my personal growth.


Nashville, TN

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