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The Full Moon in Cancer

This month’s Full Moon in Cancer arrives in the wee hours of Christmas morning (3:11 AM). But it will appear large and full on Christmas Eve if you’re lucky to be where there’s a clear night sky. It should be beautiful to see.

Cancer is a sign about emotional connection and the bonds of family. A Cancer Full Moon during

the holiday season is bound to heighten our desire for the security of long-standing relationships, whether they be blood family or dear friends. This Moon will also likely make us even more nostalgic than usual. We may find ourselves longing for the past and things gone by as we prepare to leave another year behind. We are able to more easily find comfort in familiar connections and traditions.

That said, we should also be aware of the shadow possibilities of the sign where the Full Moon resides. A Full Moon magnifies that sign’s energy for the collective consciousness. Both the positive and negative expressions of Cancerian energy are available. Cancer’s shadow is moodiness and over-sensitivity. Adding to this potential, Mercury and Pluto are within 6 degrees of a conjunction in Capricorn, with Mercury also squared by Mars. This coming together of Mercury (communication), Pluto (intensity and seeing beneath the surface), and Mars (confrontation) could lead to some rather pointed conversations. However, if we speak truthfully and are willing to listen, healing and improvement can happen in our relationships. Jupiter’s exact trine to Mercury supports this possibility.

Uranus is also stationing, and goes direct Christmas night at 7:53 PM. There can be a sense of electricity in the air and an undercurrent of restlessness even as we are trying to settle into the Cancer Moon’s soft and nurturing energies. A focus on tending to the body’s needs for rest and self-care is important to remember, albeit challenging during an often busy time. It is worth asking yourself in advance: How are you going to take care of yourself through the next few days? And what boundaries (Capricorn) do you need to set so that you can feel comfortable?

The high potential of this Full Moon is an enjoyable few days of sharing and closeness with your most loved beings (people and animals alike). I am truly wishing this for us all.

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