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Spotlight on Relationships: Venus, Chiron, and Saturn

Through the rest of April and into early May, Venus is activating the Saturn-Chiron square (a larger pattern encompassing all of 2017). We also have a New Moon in Taurus, the sign that Venus rules, on Wednesday April 26th. There is a heightened focus during this time on our closest relationships – friends, lovers, and even business allies. Let’s take a look at these planetary influences to better understand how to move through this time with as much ease and grace (Taurus energy!) as possible.

New Moon in Taurus (Wednesday April 26th at 5:16 AM)

This New Moon is nestled within the time of the Venus-Chiron-Saturn lineup, and can offer a source of calm during a time when we are hyper-aware of past or present relationship angst. Taurus wisdom is body wisdom. This New Moon is a good time to go inward and take stock of the body's needs. Notice where there is pain, lack of pain, discomfort, and comfort. What is your body telling you? We can best hear its messages by spending time in stillness and quiet. Get extra rest in the 2-3 days before and after this Moon, if possible. Treat yourself to self-care rituals that soothe the senses. Set aside time for relaxation. Consider what brings you to a state of peace. If you receive any messages from your body, these can help you to craft your intentions for the month ahead.

When we take care of ourselves, we are better equipped to show up fully in partnership and friendship. When we allow ourselves to get depleted, we become more irritable, moody, and confused. So it's vital to take care of our own needs first before attending to those of our partners and friends.

And remember, self-care can look different for everyone. Maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t love getting a massage, or who gets too steamed up in a hot bath. Just because something is supposed to feel good, or other people seem to like it, doesn’t mean you have to as well. If you’d like to discover more about what self-care looks like for you, I recommend the Sacred Self-Care Guidebook by my friend and colleague, Larisa Noonan. Taurus New Moon week is a perfect time to reflect on this.

Venus and the Saturn-Chiron Square

Taurus' ruler, Venus, is conjunct Chiron in Pisces and squares Saturn in Sagittarius during the last 2 weeks of April and the first week of May. (This is the third and last connection that Venus makes to this alignment due its recent retrograde). The Pisces placement highlights the need for a gentle approach to relationship matters. In Venus' conjunction to Chiron, our attention is drawn to the hurts we may have endured in our closest relationships. Pisces’ message is to observe where our ego has been bruised, and to attempt to let go of the ego’s attachments to being “right” and feeling “wronged.” Not everything may be as it appears -- especially with Mercury Retrograde going on. Relationships are going through a time of testing (Venus square Saturn), and the best we can do is to be patient and compassionate -- not only with our beloveds, but with ourselves.

In my previous post about Saturn-Chiron, I listed some of the positive and the shadow expression of that pattern. With Venus interacting with this square, these themes are directly applying to our relationships. Here are the most pertinent ones below:

The shadow expression

Agonizing over old hurts, letting resentment brew, self-punishing behavior, over-sensitivity, escapism to avoid pain, martyrdom

The optimal expression

Recognizing the need to heal, no-nonsense attitudes toward self-care, letting go of the past, taking appropriate responsibility, taking an objective view of one’s challenges

Close relationships may also be ready to shift into a new form. For example, if a friend says something that hurts your feelings, you have a few options: confront the issue, pull away altogether, or just wait and see what happens. First, consider the outcome you desire in the relationship. If you confront the friend and say: “Hey, you said ‘x’ and it hurt my feelings,” it might bring you closer, or it might end the relationship. If the friendship is very important to you, it would be necessary to take that risk. However, if the friend has done this before, and you’re feeling ready to be done or to focus your attention on other friendships that are more supportive, then pulling away and saying nothing can be just fine. Finally, if you’re not sure of the best path forward, giving yourself permission to take space from the relationship for a time will likely bring the clarity you need.

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