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New Moon in Taurus: Getting Grounded, Calming Down

During this strange and difficult week for many of us in the U.S., it has been hard for me not to get upset about, as Chris Hayes put it, the “long, national nervous breakdown." As you know if you read my stuff regularly, I don’t often get political. And I’m still not. I’m just honestly saying that I found myself fairly rattled and disturbed that things could get this far. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Today’s New Moon in Taurus is a much needed balm to this profound disturbance in the force. Taurus is about our connection to our body. It is also about simplifying our lives in practical ways so that we can feel secure. Ultimately, the message of Taurus energy is: Get grounded. Get in your body. Calm down.

Calming down may seem a difficult assignment when so many things are up in the air, and so many things are out of our control. But rather than feeding into the collective fear and frenzy, we can instead connect to ourselves. We can do this by being present to our daily lives and to the simple pleasures all around us. We can heal our anxiety through connection to nature and animals.

My own animal serves as a good illustration of this Taurus Moon energy. Our new cat, Sophie,

often does what I lovingly call a “drive-by” when I’ve been ignoring her for too long. She runs past me, back and forth, bumping up against my legs. If I don’t stop and pet her, she looks up at me and squeaks. My Cancer Sun won't let me ignore such a sad little plea. I must drop to my knees and give her 5 minutes of undivided attention. Then, satisfied, she is on her way to lay on her window seat in the sun.

Sophie, in this illustration, represents the needs of our physical body. And my running around and ignoring her -- that is the mind. Our minds spend a lot of time "running around and ignoring" our bodies throughout the day. I’ve come to look at the “Sophie drive-by” as a reminder for me to slow down and get present. She is showing me how easy it is to get disconnected from my own body and its basic animal needs. Sophie is so good at demanding what she wants, in the moment. Comforting touch is so important. It is calming. And that is Taurus medicine.

There is hardly ever a time when we can’t take 5 minutes to sit with our animal who only wants some loving attention. And likewise, there is hardly ever a time when we can’t take 5 minutes to sit quietly and attend to our body’s needs. Are you hungry? Do you need rest? Do you need to get outside for a breath of fresh air? Do you need a hug from someone you love? Connect to the body, and attend to the need.

What does this have to do with getting through a national nervous breakdown? This is a way through it: for each of us to stay grounded, centered, and connected to ourselves. And remember that peace is available when you take the time to connect to the simple pleasures right within your present reach.

For suggestions about how to work with Taurus energy, you might want to review some of my recommendations from the previous post about Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. They apply as well to this very Taurean time.

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