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Light My Fire: Aries Time and the Lunar Eclipse

The upcoming Lunar Eclipse in the wee hours of Wednesday morning will have a markedly different energy from the previous New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 8th. We shift from a huge presence of planets in watery Pisces over these last three weeks to a fiery time with planets entering Aries. This is the last eclipse of a cycle in Aries/Libra, so there is still a theme of endings. However, the scale begins to tip toward an awareness of new beginnings afoot.

That is because Wednesday’s eclipse comes just a few days after the spring equinox (Saturday the 19th). The equinox is the beginning both of a new season and a new zodiacal year. Zero degrees Aries marks the place where the wheel begins its next turn through the signs. In the northern hemisphere, the days now begin to grow noticeably longer. The light overtakes the dark. Aries energy encourages us to spring into action (pun intended). Aries is about following impulses, starting new things, and fighting for what you want. These ideas are in stark contrast to the high concentration of Pisces energy from which we are emerging. Pisces is about release, surrender, and letting go. I wrote about this in more detail in my last post.

While Venus still remains in Pisces (along with Neptune and Chiron) until April 5th, this coming week also features the movement of Mercury into Aries. Mercury stands right next to the Sun in Aries at the Lunar Eclipse. New ideas and inspiration are very available. In this coming week or two, we will feel a much-needed fire lit under our collective behinds.

I say “much-needed” speaking from my own experience, but I expect that this idea will resonate with more than a few of you. I have found the past few weeks to be a great time to do inner work – processing, contemplation, dream work, resting. I’ve gained a lot of perspective on the “big picture.” That has all been thanks to the Pisces. But I have wrestled with my own impatience at being unable to make things happen quite yet. I have new ideas coming to me very quickly about what to do next in my business, for example. But for most of March, my instincts were telling me to continue methodically clearing out internal obstacles before forging ahead in the external world.

So, if you’ve found yourself feeling a bit foggy-headed, weepy, and sensitive, sleepy – well, that has been Pisces-time. It serves its purpose, and hopefully you’ve honored that and allowed yourself to indulge in more down-time and contemplation than usual. We are now entering into a more fiery, active time.

The eclipse has the Sun (ego, consciousness) in Aries opposing the Moon (instincts, emotions, unconscious) in Libra. The Aries/Libra polarity is about balancing our need for assertiveness, action, and independence (Aries) with our desire for harmony, peace, and connection (Libra). The eclipse also invites us to consider how we might take action (Aries) while also collaborating in mutually supportive partnerships (Libra).

This Eclipse offers the opportunity to become aware of where we stand in relation to the polarity of Aries/Libra.

Questions to consider throughout the next week:

Do I have too much or too little independence in my life right now?

  • Where do I need to reach out for more connection?

  • Where do I need to compromise vs. where do I need to enforce my will?

  • Where have I been overactive and therefore need to allow others to help more?

  • Where have I been too passive and therefore need to take the reins?

And, I'd love to hear from you about your experiences during March as related to the themes as I've described them in either the Pisces eclipse or this eclipse in Libra. If you're willing to share your stories, reach out to me here.

Find out more about how to work with the energies of the lunar cycles and the Wheel of the Year here with Cycles of Wisdom.

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