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Beltane Message

This morning, I was determined to honor Beltane with a nature walk, despite the fact that the world outside my window was not exactly shouting “Spring is springin’!” Beltane is the point on the Wheel of the Year that corresponds to mid-spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Between now and Summer Solstice, the growing sunlight creates an increasingly fertile environment for all living things. We humans also respond positively to light, warmth, and the gentle nurturing of spring weather. Beltane is often a sunny, or at least a moderately warm, day.

However. When I walked out the front door, I was greeted by 48-degrees and a gloomy, overcast sky. I pulled on a warm hoodie, and trudged out there anyway. Then, the rain came. It wasn’t heavy enough to make me turn around and go home. But the cold spattering of drops on my face was annoying. I had not dressed warmly enough, and my arms were cold. I kept walking. And I tried to focus on what was good. The air was cold, but fresh. I breathed in deeply. It felt good to be out of the house. I had been sitting and working at my desk, and it was a relief to be moving my legs instead. Before I knew it, I was enjoying my walk, despite the fact that the conditions were neither ideal nor expected. And I returned home feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to write.

Walking in nature is my Beltane ritual. Today, my ritual began as a walk that I didn’t want to take, and ended with rejuvenation. Here’s the message I got:

On this day, welcome in the growing light, warmth, and fertile creative energies. Welcome in joy. Be determined to find something to celebrate, even if conditions in your life are not ideal. Often, they are not. But we have choices, even within challenging times. We can choose to make the best of even the tiniest positives we can find. Ritual can be a way to help us shift our perception. Honoring the sabbats reminds us to find reasons to celebrate.

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